Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


19.1     Timeout                 Ensure that you do not stay online by
19.2     Registering             Why we ask you to register.
19.3     Clients                 About clients and why you need a good one.
19.3.1   Nexus                   Our official client. Function and beauty.
19.3.2   The Android Client      A free client for mobile phones.

19.4     Credits                 How to purchase credits.
19.4.1   Credit Transfers        Credit transfers & violations of HELP SECONDS.
19.4.2   Credit Market            Easily sell/buy credits for gold sovereigns.
19.4.3   Mayan Crowns            What is a Mayan Crown?
19.4.4   Elite Memberships       Monthly subscription plan.
19.5     Bugs                    How to report bugs, ideas, or typos.
19.5.1   Housedesign             How to suggest new Houses and skills.
19.5.2   Classleads              How to suggest changes to skills.

19.6     Website                 About Achaea's web site.
19.6.1   Web Maps                Some maps of Achaea on the web site.

19.7     Lag                     Nobody's friend.

19.8     Suicide                 Ending your adventurer's life permanently.

19.9     System                  The hardware and software that Achaea uses.
19.10    Artefacts               Special magic items which may be purchased.
19.10.1  Artefacts Overview      Overview of artefacts.
19.10.2  Offensive Artefacts     Offensive artefacts only.
19.10.3  Defensive Artefacts     Defensive artefacts only.
19.10.4  Stats Artefacts         Statistics-altering artefacts only.
19.10.5  Armour Artefacts        Artefact Armour
19.10.6  Misc. Artefacts         Miscellaneous artefacts only.
19.10.7  Trade Artefacts         Artefacts for Trade, Crafting, Mining.
19.10.8  Ship Artefacts          Ship based artefacts only.
19.10.9  Pets                    Living Artefacts.
19.10.10 Artefact Tattoos        For the truly discriminating.
19.10.11 Knight Artefacts        For those of Knightly classes.
19.10.12 Class Artefacts A-J     Class artefacts, Alchemist to Jester.
19.10.13 Class Artefacts M-S     Class artefacts, Magi to Sentinel.
19.10.14 Class Artefacts S-S     Class artefacts, Serpent to Sylvan.
19.10.15 Artefact Tradeins       Trading in artefacts.
19.10.16 Artefacts Gifts         Giving artefacts as a gift.
19.10.17 Shop of Wonders         Items available in the Shop of Wonders.
19.10.18 Mini Pets               Small, collectible companions.
19.10.19 Artefact Powers         A description of transferring artefact powers.
19.10.20 Promot Items            Promotional item descriptions.
19.10.21 Discontinued SoW        Discontinued Shop of Wonders items.
19.10.22 Elemental Artefacts     Artefacts for the Elemental Lords
19.10.23 Wheel of Fortune        The famous Wheel of Fortune!
19.10.24 Tome of Muses           Information about the Tome of Muses.
19.10.25 Legend Deck             Information about the Legendary Card Deck.
19.11    Admins                  Administrative characters there to help you.
19.11.1  Special Admins          Special Administrators Aspasia and Aquinas.
19.11.2  Tecton                  The Terraformer.
19.12    Test server             For those rare times we use one.
19.13    Customisation           Options for customising equipment.
19.13.1  Customisation Requests  How to request a customisation.
19.13.2  Gift customisations     Customisations given as gifts to others.
19.13.3  Class customisations    Customising class items, such as falcons.
19.13.4  Denizen Reactions       Make your loyal denizens come to life.
19.14    Voting and DYAD         Voting for Achaea on TopMudSites.
19.14.1  MONAD                   As it relates to DYAD.
19.15    Achaea's Forums         The web message boards for Achaea.
19.16    IRE                     Our parent company, Iron Realms Entertainment.
19.18    Meeting                 Meeting other adventurers.
19.19    Contacts                Email information for various inquiries.
19.20    MXP                     Mud Extension Protocol.
19.21    Referral                Referring a friend.
19.22    Banners                 Banners and forum signatures.
19.23    GMCP                    GMCP Protocol