City-States of Achaea

The cities of Achaea are independent governments, populated by players and ruled by players.   Become the ultimate dictator, or run a city for the good of the masses. It's up to you and the other citizens of that city!

Ashtan, the Seat of Chaos


Ashtan, Seat of Chaos, lies on the northwest shore of the inhabited part of the continent of Sapience. Due to its seaport on the Sapphire Sea and its proximity to the fertile Sangre Plains, Ashtan has been a dominant power on the continent since the days of legend.

Borne upon an abominable alliance of ruthlessly enduring vendetta, military might, and the terrible machinations of Imperator Glaaki and his Chaos Court, rises Ashtan, the Seat of Chaos. Their profane aims are wrought with havoc and destruction, utter ruin brought to bear against the orderly social and theological structures that would dare oppose the Bastion and her hermetic benefactors.

Through irreverent and wanton devastation shall this favoured state wade; ambitious aspirants to power and glory, paving the way with rubble for the dominion of Chaos.

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Cyrene, Heart of the Vashnars


A sanctuary to those who seek civility and independent thought, Cyrene strives to be at the forefront of culture, art, and craftsmanship.

Ever mindful of her roots as a refuge for those escaping the wars between the ancient twins of Ashtan and Shallam, Cyrene remains withdrawn from many of the conflicts that occur beyond her walls. With an ethos founded on decency and rule of law, citizens espouse consideration and exercise tolerance for individual pursuits.

Within the Vashnarian home can be found three Houses that, together, exemplify the best of what Cyrene encompasses. Dutifully guarding the city are the proud members of the Vashnarian Shield. Representing the artists and crafters of Cyrene, the Virtuosi help confirm the city as a font of culture. With their skills in exploration and a deep love of history and the academic, the Discurean Outriders are the vanguard of Cyrene's outward reach.

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The Village of Eleusis


Sitting in the treetops and stretching under the ground, Eleusis does not impose itself on the forest which surrounds it, but rather, it exists in harmony with its surroundings.

It has no walls, no normal guards which patrol it. Instead, the very trees will come alive should its villagers be attacked as the treekin, dryads, and Tsol'aa archers who regularly visit respond to offenders.

What fuels Eleusian beliefs is a deep desire to protect the forest and those who love it. Eleusis is a community for all forest folk; a place where they can relax in safety and camaraderie. It is a village which exists solely for those who devote themselves to Nature, and desire to be a bigger part of it.

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Hashan, Court of Shadows


Built upon a wellspring of latent power, the city of Hashan has grown from humble beginnings and persevered through centuries of adversity to produce a fiercely independent and tenacious people. A city of secrets and sagacity, science, of the esoteric and erudite, Hashan is led by the Seneschal and council of Regents, leaders in the intricate dance of politics and power that comprises the Court of Shadows.

Embracing new ideas, Hashani march fearlessly into the future without looking back.

A deeply seated curiosity is inherent to the people of Hashan, who, through relentless study and experimentation, seek to master the metaphysical forces that constitute our existence, unravel the mysteries of the multiverse, and lay bare the secrets that divide mortalkind. They are dismissive of religious zealotry and the moral constraints traditionally placed upon Achaeans, supporting the idea that the ends justify the means.

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Mhaldor, the City of Evil


"What is called evil is simply the drive for advancement, for greatness. We seek, through discipline and pain, to spur the advancement of nothing less than sentient life." -- The First Truth of Evil.

At the end of a road shrouded in poisonous red fog, and lined with gibbets and corpses, rises Mhaldor, the City of Evil. The imposing confines of the Baelgrim Fortress house the mysterious Insidium, bearers of Mhaldor's unspeakable rites and ancient traditions, whose wire-sharp webs stretch their threads throughout the land. Atop the Baelgrim battlements blaze the banners of the Dread Legates, they of bold voices and bolder blades, ever ready to deliver the merciless will of Evil to all existence.

A theocratic dictatorship, Mhaldor exists solely to advance Evil in all its forms. The city's rigid hierarchy is ruled by the iron fist of the Tyrannus, rejecting democracy, compassion, freedom, and other manifestations of mortal weakness.

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Targossas, the Dawnspear


The island province of Targossas is a sprawling municipality for the followers of Good. Founded by the Divine will of Aurora, Goddess of Light and Deucalion, the Righteous Fire, the Dawnspear stands as a guiding beacon to those who would fight for the advancement of Creation.

Guided by the Divine-appointed Dawnlord, and his council of Lumarchs, the Dawnspear provides a home for the pious. A home for all who seek to drive Evil, Darkness, and Chaos from existence, purifying Creation in the name of Good to safeguard a glorious future.

Supporting Targossas in this pursuit are her Houses; the revered and mighty warriors of the Dawnblade, the analytical and subversive Luminai, and the Harbingers who offer succour to all who would seek it, in mind, body, and spirit.

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