Histories and Mythos


The Seleucarian Empire: The Founding and the Black Wave

Read of the life of Nicator, and how he prepared Sapience for the legendary war with the Black Wave of the Tsol'teth.

The Seleucarian Empire, Part 2: The Wars of Succession

Four hundred years after the Black Wave, the Empire faces a crisis of succession. Read about the epic struggle between Catarin and Castomira for the crown of Seleucar.

The Seleucarian Empire, Part 3: The Fall of Seleucar

Centuries after the dream of a visionary young man spurred the rise of a great empire, the world was torn asunder, signalling the end of the ancient era. Here is chronicled the fall of Seleucar, the breaking of the continents, and the dawn of the Modern Age.


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