What Can You Do In Achaea?

There are more features in Achaea than we could possibly list here, but this will get you started!

Become a City or House Leader

Inspire your friends and instill fear in your foes by rising through the ranks of our player-run Cities and Great Houses and take leadership. Help create an amazing and immersive experience for your underlings and lead them in grand adventures, great crusades, and even espionage. Be an iron-fisted dictator, or a glorious leader taking her people into a bright future: the choice is yours. The six Cities and many Great Houses of Achaea are truly run by you, the players.

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Captain a Ship and Sail the Four Oceans

Whether you earn your commission as a captain for an organisation, borrow a vessel from a friend, or purchase your very own ship, Seafaring will open up all sorts of avenues for adventure.

Nimbly slice through the waves to explore far flung islands and exotic locales in the small Windcutter. Fill your hold with merchant goods and trade with the various ports of the land for treasures in the Thalassian Seastrider.

Bristling with weapons, the War Galley is a slow but massive and formidable foe upon the waves. Take up as a pirate and prey upon the sea lanes, or rouse your crew and protect the explorers and sailors from the wolves of the sea with explosive ammunition.

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Join a Divine Order

Achaea is overseen by a Pantheon of Gods and each Lord and Lady has their own aims and ethos. The truly devoted Achaeans often join a God's Order, becoming their representatives upon the world stage.

Raise shrines, claim Divine sovereignty over areas, and head to the battleplane of Nishnatoba to fight for their God's glory.

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Become a Renowned Crafter

Achaea has 14 different tradeskills to choose from! These range from the simplest gathering of herbs from around the lands, to the perfectionist arts of the Weapon and Armour smiths. You can also unleash your creativity and design clothes, food, and jewellery for other players.

Armoursmithing Forge protective armour and shields.
Augmentation Augment items with magical enchantments.
Conjuration Conjure powerful magical objects.
Cooking Design and cook delicious dishes.
Furnishing Craft all manner of furniture.
Gathering Obtain crafting reagents from many sources.
Harvesting Pick plants and other natural curatives.
Inkmilling Mill inks for tattoos, mix warpaints, and dye posters.
Jewellery Create exquisite custom jewellery.
Remedies Concoct lifesaving elixirs and salves.
Synthesis Extract primes from the earth and synthesise them into curative minerals.
Tailoring Sew stylish custom clothing.
Toxicology Prepare deadly poisons.
Weaponsmithing Forge the weapons of war.
A blacksmith.

Master PvP Combat

Achaea is renowned for its PvP, which is incredibly intense, deep, and broad. Thousands of abilities across 18 classes and many non-class skills means there's always more to learn and new tactics to try.

Those 18 classes range from the wholly unique, like the time-wielding Depthswalkers or the wormhole-using Serpentlords to equally unique takes on favorites like Knights, where you'll be doing a lot more than just swinging a sword.

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Become a Mining Magnate

Our system of mining lets players own and operate mining businesses complete with Legions that are used to both defend and attack other players' mines. All production of many types of minerals and other materials are in the hands of players, and real skill is involved - if you operate your mining business poorly, you're nearly guaranteed to lose money, whereas those who are the best at the system can really clean up.

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Own and Manage a Shop

 All of the player run cities in Achaea have a number of player run shops, and this means opportunity for the business minded adventurer. Combined with a tradeskill or an importation business you can sell custom creations, necessary curatives, deadly venoms, commodities, and even exotic treasures to the masses with coin to spend.

Of course, shops in Achaea are limited in quantity, to ensure there's potential value in being a shopkeeper, and you typically need to acquire one from another player.

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Explore a Vast World

Search out the secrets of Achaea, visit every far flung island and hidden cavern. This is not an easy task, as Achaea's world is absolutely massive - seriously. Two continents - Sapience and Meropis, many, many islands, and multiple other planes of existence really add up.

Those who pay the closest attention to detail may earn themselves a top ranking amongst Achaea's elite Fellowship of Explorers too!

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Earn Dragonhood

Attain level 99 and head to the Mhojave desert to commune with the history of the dragon race and awaken the dragon soul within you. Will you take on the fell powers of the poisonous green dragon, the electrifying capabilities of the silver, harness the flame of the red dragon soul, the implacable damage of the black, the frigid ice of the blue, or the psychic puissance of the gold dragon? The choice is yours.

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Construct a Castle or Other Kind of Home

A tower.You've got the freedom to do a huge range of things with your castle or house or whatever it is you choose to build. You can have as many rooms as you wish - though you'll have to obtain the necessary building materials for each room you build - and can then connect them as you wish, place exits, hide exits, add doors, and of course, write the room titles and descriptions, giving you total freedom to craft your dwelling to be whatever you want.

But there's more! You can also acquire furniture of all sorts built by other players as a crafting skill, and you can even hire servants that you can add light behavioral scripting to.

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And much, much more!