The Gods of Achaea

The Gods in Achaea are powerful, enigmatic beings. They exist for their own reasons and you are well-advised to pay them the respect they are due. Unlike in many worlds, Achaea's Gods are played by individual human beings. They regularly interact with their worshippers, and provide guidance and advice. Though they rarely directly interfere, when they do, it is always with dramatic consequences.

Each of the Gods have a Divine Order. Joining a God's order is a way of actively declaring your faith and loyalty to that god, and a pledging of support to that deity's cause. Being in an Order is an integral part of many Achaean's lives, and some find membership and participation in the activities of the Order to be the most rewarding aspect of their existence. It should be noted that each of the Divine Ones have their own goals and their own distinct methods of accomplishing them, but they must nearly always act through mortals, rather than acting directly, for were direct action permitted, it would lead to a war such as the world has not seen since the Chaos Wars.