News and Events

2017 Hype!

As we say goodbye to a massive 2016, we look ahead to just some of the things to come in 2017.

New miracles will be added to our Crusade system, giving Divine Orders even more awesome powers to fight for.

The return of War (not Lord Aegis, He's already back!) but a revamp of organisation conflict, including a territory control system.

A slew of new areas will become available, to hunt, explore, and quest in.

A number of new races will emerge along with new goals to strive for too.

Crusades Come To Achaea!

The Master Shrines of the Gods in Achaea rippled with power as the efforts of Achaeans all over the world were felt. This influx opened the way for Holy Crusades.

Orders are now able to travel to the apocryphal battlefield of Nishnatoba where they can attack the shrines of the Gods in order to claim essence which can be spent on great miracles. From resurrecting the soul of a fallen Order member, to a dragon description themed by your God, these Miracles are worth fighting for!

The Return of Twilight

In the depths of night, the Hounds of Darkness chased after newborn constellations and became lost in the cosmos.

Combat Tweaks

Some small combat changes have just been implemented.


We're pleased to announce a brand new class: Depthswalker!


Kosuira has been captured and tortured by the Tsol'teth in their Seleucar Outpost.


Tsol'teth shrines to their meld have appeared within locations overtaken by the Tide.

The Flood

Known as the Tide, a creeping vapour has taken over Sapience.

A Change

Splinters of Deus have begun to fall much more sporadically.

A legend, and a promise...

Gattan'bahar has met with Ugrach, a figure of Tsol'teth legend.

The Black Wave

The infamous Tsol'teth have returned...

Another Year, Another Birthday

After a month of celebration, Achaea's birthday is over for another year...

A Translation...

A communication is overheard, translated, and interpreted...


We've officially opened the classleads for the next quarter!

Happy Birthday, Achaea!

September is Achaea's 19th birthday, and we're celebrating in style.


We're pleased to unveil a brand new tradeskill: Furnishing!

Player Ideas

Another batch of player ideas and bugfixes has been implemented!


The latest batch of classleads is now live!

King Slith and the Underworld

Discord has arisen between the Ur'Vampires and Lord Kemnast following Lord Aegis' verdict on the war.

Victors of the Rebellion

For two Achaean months has the war in the Underworld raged on...

Paragons - Player Contest

The results are in!

The Underworld Rebellion - Part III

Asztrik and Prioska's allies have secured entry to the Underworld!

Return to the Underworld

Having successfully constructed their gateways into the Underworld, each faction has now been instructed to eliminate the undead nearby. 

Return to the Underworld

Having successfully constructed their gateways into the Underworld, each faction has been given new instructiions...

The Underworld Rebellion - Part II

The recruitment phase of the battle for the Underworld has ended.