Game-Generated Maps

Click here to access a library of room-by-room area maps.

World Maps

The Known World of Achaea - A world map revealed through an event in 2023.

Illustrated Map of Achaea - A large resolution illustrated map of the continents of Sapience and the known parts of Meropis. A must-see!

A map of Southern Sapience - High resolution map of the mainland where most of Achaea's action and gameplay takes place (2021)!

World Map of Achaea - Though at least at decade out of date, this is a once-full room by room map of Achaea. Mainly a historical curiosity.

Map of Achaea's Oceans - An accurate map of the oceans.

Battle Maps - A series of maps displaying the strategic movements made in the now-destroyed city of Seleucar during the infamous Wars of Succession.

Other Maps

Ancient Seleucar

A map of the Seleucarian Provinces.


Map of Targossas, by Numira
A map of Targossas, the Dawnspear.
Achaea before the fall of Seleucar.
Achaea before the fall of Seleucar and the resulting continent split!