The Classes of Achaea

Will you become a noble Runewarden, a stoic Blademaster, or a song-weaving Bard? Will you devote yourself to the Twin Lords of Mhaldor, becoming an Infernal Knight or a fell Apostate? Perhaps you prefer to watch over the forests as a reclusive Druid, or delve into the forbidden secrets of Chaos and risk your own destruction as an Occultist. All of these and more are possible...

Achaea offers 17 different classes to choose from. A class is a trinity of three harmonious skills, and each skill generally contains 25-50 abilities or spells. For example, the Monk class contains the Kaido, Telepathy, and Tekura skills, and each of those skills contains many abilities and spells totalling 109 for that entire class.

Think of a class as a profession. Just as a baker has a set of skills that allows him to bake, so does a member of the Paladin class have skills that give him the ability to act as a Paladin. As one rises in proficiency in the skill, one gains more abilities. You will begin as a Fledgling in your class with access to part of your class skills. From there, you will learn, grow, and progress to Journeyman level in your class, then finally to a full member of the class, unlocking the 3rd skill. While you are a Fledgling or Journeyman in your class, you can quit the class and choose another without penalty.

  • Alchemist: Enigmatic figures wielding the power of the ether.
  • Apostate: Evil, necromantic daemon summoners.
  • Bard: Swashbuckling troubadour adventurers.
  • Blademaster: Masters of the legendary Two Arts.
  • Druid: Forest-loving metamorphs.
  • Infernal: Evil knights employing necromantic methods.
  • Jester: Happy-go-lucky pranksters and rogueish entertainers.
  • Magi: Masters of the four elements and crystalline vibrations.
  • Monk: A class that forges mind, body, and spirit into a unified whole.
  • Occultist: Chaos-loving summoners of extra-planar entities.
  • Paladin: Noble knights wielding dual weapons with a falcon companion.
  • Priest: Holy warriors with a fearsome guardian angel by their side.
  • Runewarden: Mystic knights who employ runic lore alongside their swords.
  • Sentinel: Metamorphing forest rangers with animals for assistance.
  • Serpent: Masters of venoms and subterfuge. Perhaps the trickiest class.
  • Shaman: Mystical users of Vodun dolls, curses, and runes.
  • Sylvan: Forest-lovers who meld in mastery of the four elements.