Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


10.1   Citystructure    The political structure of city-states.
10.2   Rulingcouncils   The ruling councils of city-states.
10.3   Cityleaders      The leaders of city-states.
10.3.1 Resigning        How to leave city government, or the army.

10.4    Ministries      General information on Ministries.
10.4.1  Ambassador      The Ministry of the Ambassador.
10.4.2  WarMinistry     The Ministry of War.
10.4.3  Security        The Ministry of Security.
10.4.4  Treasurer       The Ministry of the Treasury.
10.4.5  Steward         The Ministry of the Stewardship.
10.4.6  City Trade      The Ministry of Trade.
10.4.7  Chancellor      The Ministry of the Chancellery.
10.4.8  Culture         The Ministry of Cultural Affairs.
10.4.9  Development     The Ministry of Development.
10.4.10 Maritime        The Ministry of Maritime Affairs.

10.5  Citycommands      Basic city-related commands.
10.6  Cityranks         Ranks of prestige within a city.
10.7  Guards            City guards that will act to protect you.
10.8  Guardians         Unique and powerful city guardians.
10.9  Sewers            Under the cities of Sapience
10.10 City List         The Cities of Sapience.
10.11 City Armies       Enlist in your city's military.
10.12 Keystones         Marking the main entrance to a city.
10.13 Improvements      Various buildable city improvements.
10.14 City Destruction  Raid and destroy opposing cities.
10.15 Fonts             City fonts and their use.
10.16 War               War between cities, all the details.
10.17 City Salaries     Earn gold by serving your city!
10.18 City Guides       Shepherds of newbies from Tasks - Houses!