Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


The Minister of Security and his or her aides in each city have the power to
protect the city from enemies, by declaring people official enemies of the
city, and by purchasing a variety of guards to both guard specific locations
within the city, and patrol it looking for enemies generally.

If you're being attacked within your city and need help, you'll want to CALL
FOR HELP. Doing so will attract the interest of constables within shouting
range, who will come running to help. But be warned that CALL FOR HELP takes
equilibrium, and that the guards will -only- attack city enemies. Guards will
also act to protect other denizen citizens of your city, coming at their call
when these poor civilians are attacked.

Guard types:
Each of the guard types will have their own set of attacks and utility

   - Constable: Responds to CALL FOR HELP, tracks enemies, has room-wide
   - Soldier: Powerful attacks against prone enemies.
   - Warrior: Prones enemies and breaks limbs.
   - Captain: Causes blackouts, has room-wide attacks.
   - Archer: Shoots flying enemies, can send them falling to the ground.
   - Istani: Webs / hinders enemies, has room-wide attacks.
   - Guardian: Increases the relative strength of guards throughout the
     city (and additionally further in their room).