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4.17 The Meaning of Might

MIGHT is a measure of skills. It is related to, but not quite the same thing
as, how many lessons learnt, but can vary according to several factors.

1. Lessons spent.
2. Allocation of the lessons. Lessons learned earlier in a skill are
   somewhat more valuable (in terms of results) than later lessons.

Might is purely a comparison of skills and does not necessarily have anything
to do with your ability to fight.

   Example:  Adventurers A and B have 1000 lessons each. Adventurer A
             learns 1000 lessons of Metamorphosis. Adventurer B
             learns 600 lessons of Vision and 400 lessons of
             Remedies. Their MIGHT would be near equal, but their
             capacities in fighting would probably vary greatly.

Might has nothing whatsoever to do with your level of experience. Only lessons
that you have spent in learning things have any effect at this time.

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