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Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


City leaders, known variously as Archon Ascendant (Ashtan), Seneschal (Hashan),
Imperiate (Cyrene), Tyrannus (Mhaldor), Dawnlord (Targossas), and Speaker
(Eleusis) are both the figurehead and most powerful person in a city in
political terms. Chosen by the ruling council (HELP RULINGCOUNCILS), and by
necessity a member of it, the city leader is responsible for choosing the
Ministers of a city. The person in this position is also immune to political
challenges. He or she may only be removed after his or her fellow ruling
council members have made someone else the leader. 

The War Minister also has the ability to issue, accept, and decline war 
declarations, also to surrender during a time of war. See HELP WAR.

A city leader has all the commands of a normal member of the ruling council, 
with some additions:

APPOINT <ministry> <citizen>
  Appoints someone to a Ministry.
  Valid ministries are: Ambassador, War, Security, Treasurer, Steward, Trade,
  Chancellor, Culture, Development, Maritime.

  The city leader is the only person, aside from those in the Ministry of the
  Stewardship, who can see the amount of gold in the city coffers.

CITY ANNOUNCE <text_with_\n_if_desired_to_break_lines>
  Shows, clears, or sets a new city announce which will be visible to all
  citizens upon entry to the realms.

CITY AUTOCITIZEN AGEMAX <age>       - that age or lower would be OK.
CITY AUTOCITIZEN ON|OFF             - autocitizen enabled or not.
CITY AUTOCITIZEN RESTRICT[CLASS] *  - restrict certain classes.
CITY AUTOCITIZEN FORBID[HOUSE] *    - forbid certain houses.
  All the settings related to Autocitizening. Requires special arrangements
  with a coder, designation of a special denizen to handle this, and
  so forth. For further details on RESTRICT[CLASS] and FORBID[HOUSE],
  simply enter the commands without the *. So, for example, enter
  CITY AUTOCITIZEN RESTRICT, and you'll see further info.
  These commands are available to the City Leader and Ambassador, but not

CITY CLAN <clan alias> NEW_HEAD <person>
  Appoint a new clan head for a city-owned clan. New clan head must already
  be in the clan.

CITY CREDITS TRANSFER [BOUND] <credits> TO <person> <reason>
  Transfer credits to a adventurer.
  If BOUND, then the recipient will receive the lesson bonus for binding
  credits, if any.

CITY FORCE DOOR <direction>
  For ruling council members only, this allows forcing a subdivision door
  on a private house. The door must still be opened to enter. The door
  will close and lock again after about an Achaean hour. Every CITY FORCE
  DOOR is logged and monitored for abuse. Be sure you are doing this with
  exceedingly good reason!

  Sets or clears the message given to all new citizens that join by way
  of autocitizening. May be done by the City Leader or Ambassador, but not

  It is the sole right of a city leader to offer Patronage of the City to
  the Divine of his or her choosing, or to have no Patron at all.

  A city leader is the only person who may set a city's official relationship
  with other cities. Be warned that if the other city is already set as
  hostile towards you, and you set your city as hostile to it, the two cities
  will enter a state of 'war', and neither will be able to declare neutrality
  until the passing of at least 6 Achaean months. CITY RELATIONS will let you
  see how your city currently feels about other cities, and how they feel
  about your city. Note that neither neutral nor Allied have any formal
  effect for cities, but a village that allies a city opens up the possibility
  of adventurers from that city leading village soldiers. See HELP LEADERSHIP.

  Note: this can also be used for villages! Use CITY RELATIONS HOSTILE to
  see any and all hostile or at-war relations, including with villages.


  Designates a person to adjust/uproot/smudge city totems. This person's
  activities will not cause alarms. The act of designating a totemer
  is logged in the city totem log. It is not necessary to designate
  a citizen, since citizens' actions of this kind are already ignored
  by totems.