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6.27 LOGS

Logs are records. In this case, they record various organisational activities.
These include: City, House, Order, and Clan logs. The syntax for
reading these general organisational logs is:

READLOG <organisation name> [line to begin at] [how many days back]

(The last two fields are optional.)

Example syntax:

This would read today's log for the Order of Valnurana.

This would read Cyrene's log of 3 days ago, starting at the beginning of it.

This would read the Druids' log of 2 days ago, starting at line 50.

Not everyone in an organisation has the power to read the logs in that
organisation, but the breakdown of who can and cannot is detailed in the
various help sections on Clans, Orders, Houses, and Cities.

Some members of an organisation have the ability to write in the logs using
WRITELOG <organisation> <message>.

It is also possible to view the log of a ship, if you happen to have the
privileges. To do so, SHIPLOG <ship>.

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