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Druids are the most ancient of the forestal classes, devoted to the forests
and all they represent. Although their isolationist nature has tended to
remove them from the great events of history, the formation of the forest
commune of Eleusis in modern times (as well as the formation of the Council
of Oakstone) has given Druids power that extends beyond their beloved forests.

Members of the Druid class tend to stay clear of the near-religious battles
between good and evil that dominate much of the land, preferring instead to
focus on what they deem good: The welfare of the forests. Though some Druids
are loners, there is a thriving forestal community, and some Druids are as
social as possible. 

The skills of a Druid are rooted in forest and beast. Perhaps the most
important is the ability to establish a location in the forest as his
personal grove, from which much of his power flows. Within his Grove, none
can stand against a Druid; there they reign supreme, backed by the full
power of the forest. Swarms of bees will attack enemies, an earth golem can
be made to guard the grove, lightning can be called down, thorny vines
summoned to hurt and hinder your enemies, and far more. A Druid can travel
through the forest instantly from his grove, and return to it equally

Outside of a grove, and even outside of forests generally, a Druid remains a
force to be reckoned with, if not nearly as powerful as in the forest. They 
are able to tap into the remnants of natural life in a location, coaxing them
to grow at an astounding rate. Through their power is Nature able to progress
at a much faster rate, granting power to those who stand upon the reclaim land.

Similarly, a druid is able to transform into a variety of different animals,
ranging from the humble squirrel to the grizzly bear to the mighty wyvern. 
These transformations grant the Druid a range of new powers, from bird forms
that allow flying to the skies above and swooping down to hoist a victim into
the skies, to the elephant form that allows trampling an opponent, and a host
of other capabilities.

The skills a Druid gains are Groves, Metamorphosis, and Reclamation. A
fledgling Druid will gain Groves and Metamorphosis, and will receive
Reclamation upon gaining full class membership.