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19.10.26 Alchemist Artefacts


Artefacts are special items that can be purchased only with Bound Credits. Unless otherwise stated, artefacts can be purchased in Merentesh's series of shops in Delos. They will reset into your inventory frequently, which means they cannot be loaned out, or stolen(!), for very long. Some only work for the owner. They never decay. They cannot be changed to reset to anyone else's inventory, so do not buy artefacts of any kind if you intend to sell them.

Note About Stacking
Artefact effects (for similar artefacts) don't combine or stack. If you have, say, a Collar of Ceylon and a Collar of Agatheis, then only one will boost damage of a magical nature. If you have a Logosian Ring and a Mayan Ring, then only one will increase the value of sipping a health elixir. In general, the best item rules, but there may be exceptions. So don't count on having two artefacts and somehow stacking their effects.

An aludel of pellucid glass:                                  500 Credits
Artefact power: alchemical_focus
 - This triples the number of stacks from sulphur and mercury, and reduces the chance for gold to fail when transferring.

A Talisman of Greater Cultivation:                            250 Credits
Artefact power: homunculus_boost
 - Increasing the health and movement speed of an Alchemist's homunculus.

A Reforming Phial:                                            100 Credits
 - This phial doesn't disappear on imbibe or administer, and returns to your inventory when you throw it!