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19.10.25 Environment Sceptre

The lavishly bejewelled sceptre, also known as the Sceptre of Environments, 
is a unique artefact that begins as a simple trophy but can be embellished 
with further gemstones to confer numerous bonuses upon its owner when they 
stand within certain environments.
SCEPTRE FORM <attuned gem> - When you are in possession of your first attuned
                             gem, this will form your sceptre.
                             The gem will be consumed and added to the gem
                             repertoire for that gem's attuned environment.
SCEPTRE UNATTUNE <gem>     - Gems for the sceptre are attuned by default to a
                             specific environment: Desert, Beach, Forest, etc.
                             This command will remove the attunement.
SCEPTRE INSERT <gem> [env] - Insert a gem into your sceptre. 
                             This is irreversible.
                             Attuned gems automatically add to their specified
                             environmental repertoire and unlock powers at
                             certain thresholds.
                             If using an unattuned gem, the environment of your
                             choice must be specified.
                             The first gem for any environment must be attuned.
                             Subsequent gems need not be.

The first power for any environment requires one attuned gem and confers a 5%
experience bonus when standing in rooms of that environment.

The second power for any environment requires three gems total, conferring a 
1% bonus to critical hit chance while in that environment.

The third and final power is achieved at six gems and confers a 5% damage bonus
to denizens in that environment, and a 5% resistance to damage from denizens in
that environment.

- The sceptre itself cannot be traded in.
- Individual gems can be traded in for 2 bound credits per gem.
- The sceptre itself has no use or activation command, instead the appropriate bonus in always active for the environment you are in.
- Only the sceptre's owner may take advantage of its benefits.