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19.10.22 Tome Of Muses

Tomes of the Muses are obtained either via giftbags or purchased with mementoes from the tinker in Petra. When first acquired, it may appear unremarkable, but possesses the potential for great powers once pages have been inserted within!

Details on the pages and the tome's full array of powers are outlined below:

A resplendent page of enchanted vellum
   - These pages can be ADDed to a tome of the Muses to unlock its potent and
     numerous effects! (This is permanent and irreversible).

A page of aged vellum
   - These aged pages can be ADDed to a tome of the Muses to unlock its potent
     and numerous effects. Unlike the resplendent pages, these aged versions
     can be obtained by completing forays and decay after fifteen real days.

A tome of the Muses
   - ADDing pages to the tome unlocks a new stage of power.
   - Each page ADDed also unlocks a new piece of information on the Muses
          - READ TOME to read this information.
          - TURN TOME to move to the next page, up to your maximum pages
   - The tome of the Muses offers the following powers:
          1. This first page placed into the tome preserves it, binding the
             tome to you and making it non-decay and resetting.
          2. Start gaining Inspiration on an hourly basis (this powers a
             number of the later effects) 
             PERFORM RECITATION to see how much inspiration you have gained.
          3. Create a glamour from the public list with 
             PERFORM GLAMOUR <public glamour name>(150 Inspiration)
          4. PERFORM REHEARSAL and you will gain a significant amount of 
             inspiration. This may only be performed once every 24 
             Achaean days.
          5. PERFORM WINDWHIRL <Item> <Direction> AT <Target> to send the
             item flying up to two rooms away at a hapless target. 
             (30 Inspiration)
          6. PERFORM RESOLUTE and take resolutions regardless of the time
             of month or year. (Only once per performance, 1000 inspiration)
          7. PERFORM CHRONICLE to snapshot your current location and 
             everybody in it, allowing you to recall the memory at any point
             you like with PERFORM RECALL. (80 Inspiration)
          8. Laughter is the best medicine; once per 8 hours, LAUGH
             restores some of your willpower and endurance. Each person in the
             room who uses this ability to join in within 5 seconds of the last
             laugh will increase the amount restored!
          9. The glamours created from page 3 can be made to stay in a room
             in exchange for a shorter decay time.
             PERFORM GLAMOUR <glamour name> PERSIST.
          10. PERFORM LILT and exchange all of your current rage for a
              small heal, caps at 20% of max health at 100 rage. 
              This requires at least 50% battlerage. (50 Inspiration)
          11. Extend your range to six rooms when enacting the windwhirl:
              PERFORM WINDWHIRL <item> <direction> AT <target>.
          12. TOUCH TOME to get a clue to a location of historical
              importance. When the location is discovered, standing in
              it will allow you to PERFORM VISTA once a day to gain a 
              significant amount of inspiration.
          13. PERFORM MOCKERY <target> and force everyone and thing
              following the target of your rapier sharp critique to 
              unfollow them. (200 Inspiration)
          14. PERFORM SKETCH <tattoo> ON <bodypart> of <adventurer|ME>,
              granting the ability to ink a tattoo twice as fast as normal.
              (100 Inspiration)
          15. Gain a bonus to PERFORM REHEARSAL, cutting the cooldown in half.
          16. PERFORM OBITUARY in order to recall the current location and
              name of the last person that killed you. (50 Inspiration)
          17. PERFORM COMPOSITION and spend Inspiration to shield
              everyone in your location. (250 Inspiration)
          18. PERFORM PRODUCTION to give 200 inspiration to everyone who
              CLAPs or APPLAUDs, and 200 to you if you BOW. There is a 12hr
              cooldown on benefiting from this.
          19. PERFORM SACRIFICE <ally> <direction>! Invoke the muse of
              tragedy and switch places with a mutual ally in line of
              sight (and visible) on your next damage taken. A monolith
              sigil in your ally's location will prevent the attempt. 
              (250 Inspiration)
          20. In the direst of circumstances you may need to perform this
              song of battle, spurring all in your location (except for 
              yourself) to recover balance and equilibrium faster for a short 
              time, be they friend or foe. PERFORM BATTLESONG.
              (400 Inspiration)