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The origins of the monk class are lost to antiquity. What is known is that an
ancient order of monks called the Sentaari had developed the ability to use
telepathy and harness kai energy. They also mastered the art of edgeless
weapons, including the staff and the cane. These weapons allowed them to defend
themselves against attackers without killing them, while still letting them
strike mighty blows in the defence of the peoples of the continent, as during
the invasion of the Tsol'teth known as the Black Wave. However, during a civil
war in the ancient Seleucarian Empire, the invading forces stripped the monks
of their weapons to impair their ability to assist the rightful rulers.

While his guildsmen were held under martial law, the Grandmaster of Flowers
meditated for a month, then unveiled the unarmed art of Tekura, vowing that the
monks would never again be made helpless against evil. Combining Tekura with
his pre-existing mastery of Kaido and Telepathy, the Grandmaster drove the
Royal Elites from the area around the monastery. After the war, he disseminated
the art to all the other monasteries. Within ten years, the armed arts had
fallen into disuse. Within a hundred, they had been forgotten.

Although the Sentaari lived on in the form of a House founded by monks, monks
generally follow no particular set of beliefs. Some devoted themselves to
building empires, while others prefer a life of solitary meditation.

The skills of the monk forge mind, body, and spirit into an indomitable force.
Using their unarmed attacks they can break limbs, cause internal bleeding,
sweep an opponent off his feet, and deliver body-crushing throws. A monk can
confuse and damage the mind even over a distance and through the power of kai,
can toughen his body to withstand damage, make himself heavier, restore damaged
limbs by sheer force of will, and eventually temporarily banish a victim from
the timestream itself.

In the 742nd year after the fall of Seleucar, in the wake of murder in the very heart of the Judgement Mountain monastery, the Grandmaster once again allowed use of the staff in combat to be practised openly, granting those transcendent in Tekura the ability to pursue the path of Shikudo.

The skills wielded by those of Monk class are Tekura, Telepathy, and Kaido. A
fledgling in this class will possess Tekura and Kaido, gaining Telepathy on
embracing their class. Those who have achieved mastery over Tekura may choose to enhance their training with the skill of Shikudo, the art of the staff.