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19.10.14 Artefact Transfers and Gifts

(See also HELP ARTEFACTS and numerous other topics under HELP 19)

Artefacts are not transferable. Once you purchase an artefact, that becomes
your character's property forever, unless you wish to trade the artefact in on
another artefact.

Each artefact belongs to a particular character, which means that artefact
transfers are not even possible between two characters owned or played by the
same person.

So be sure to consider your artefact purchases carefully! They can be a heck of
a lot of fun, but you won't be able to give them away or transfer them if you
change your mind later.

Artefacts as Gifts
Artefacts may be given as gifts, but with a critical restriction:
- to buy an artefact as a gift, you MUST pay with UNBOUND credits
  If your credits are bound, you must use them on yourself.
  You may not buy a gift with bound credits.

You can purchase artefacts as a gift for someone at the various artefact shops 
using the syntax:

   BUY <artefact#> AS GIFT FOR <lucky recipient's name>

You can specify at the time of purchase whether you would like the gift 
to be gift-wrapped and delivered via the postal system to the recipient.   
For this, add MAIL at the end of the syntax, i.e.:

   BUY <artefact#> AS GIFT FOR <lucky recipient's name> MAIL

Once given as a gift, the artefact belongs to the recipient in
every way, up to and including being able to trade it in if 
otherwise possible.

Partnered Artefacts
For artefacts that have a partnered item, such as Earrings of Sinope, the owner
(original purchaser) of the pair can transfer the other half to a new
adventurer with the following syntax:

   ARTEFACT TRANSFER <artefact#> PARTNER TO <person>

(See also HELP ARTEFACTS and numerous other topics under HELP 19)