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17.2.10 Boons

Boons are sometimes offered by an Immortal of Achaea as a reward to the victor
of an event or competition. Strictly speaking, the reward is not a boon - the
reward is the opportunity to request a boon.

A boon is a favour or kindness. It may be greater, or lesser. The Grantor of
the boon may give some indication, hazy though it be, of the nature of the
boons being allowed. Or the Grantor may not.

An immortal of the realms will tell you if you may request a boon. He may
simply say that you may have a boon.

Ask something. Ask whatever you want, keeping in mind that the giver of the
boon is not a machine, but a Divine Being, a Personage that is quite aware of
such things as greed and deceit and how much you did to earn this request.

A good start might be "I request" or "May I please" or "Would you please."

If you make a very humble request, it may be granted along with additional
benefits. If you make a very greedy request, it may be granted in a manner
highly unpleasant to you, or not granted at all.

If you ask for what's reasonable, that's fine - you will receive your answer,
and that will be your boon.

If you ask for what's too much, you may get nothing, or you may get something
else entirely.

If you put conditions on your request, or make it overly wordy or complex, you
may find that the Grantor is peeved with you and becomes more likely to punish
than reward.

Or perhaps an audacious request will be granted out of hand because the Grantor
is pleased by the audacity of it!

Don't be so polite that you ask if you can ask. Just ask!
Don't give disclaimers.
Don't explain why you are asking, or why this boon is needed.
Don't give background or history.
Don't ask to get more boons.
Don't ask to transfer or give away your boon to someone else.

Ask well, and ask carefully. If you do not ask well, you may be mocked, made
fun of, or become the brunt of snickering. If this does not suit you, do not
pursue a boon!

No Guarantees
There is no guarantee that you will ever get anything. There is no exhaustive
list of what is good or bad to ask. You ask, and you take your chances. In the
end there is no final rule except the attitude and inclination of the Grantor.
If you don't like that setup, don't pursue a boon!

The FIRST thing you say (or first tell you send to anyone) after you are called
upon to ask your boon WILL BE YOUR REQUEST! Be warned.

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