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19.13.2 Gift Customisations


Like artefacts, customisations may be purchased for other adventurers as a
GIFT. These include the gamut of usual customisations: resetting, non-decay,
description, and custom reactions.

The credits used for a gift customisation must be UNbound. Please do not
bind the credits you intend to use for a gift customisation.

You may also use silver tokens (see HELP SHOP OF WONDERS) to purchase gift 
customisations for resetting, non-decay, and description only.

If necessary, we may check with the person who is to receive the gift
customisation to make certain that you are not customising something for
them that they do not wish to have customised. If it is important to you
that the gift recipient does NOT know about the customisation until it is
completed, please note this in your email.

When you write to to request a gift customisation
for someone else, be sure to include your character's name from which the
unbound credits will come as well as the character for whom the item is to
be customised. The item must be in either your character or the recipient
character's inventory.

If, following the gift customisation, the gift recipient decides that he or
she does not wish to have the customisation, we will remove it without
refund. Once the gift has been given, there is no way to retrieve the
credits you have spent. 

If you have any questions, please email