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19.24.10 Planes Talismans

The "Planes" talisman set:
Talismans and pieces from this set can be obtained in the following ways:
- Promotions. This will always be announced via the relevant news when the
  pieces are currently available.
- Trading between players (pieces only)

The Planes set contains the following talismans:
A mirror of Fae perception          - TALISMAN INFO FAEMIRROR
   - This item is related to the plane of Annwyn.
   - Possessing this mirror will allow you to perceive how many other 
     individuals stand alongside someone who you scry via the farsee ability.

A pageless book                     - TALISMAN INFO HOLLOWBOOK
   - This item is related to the plane of Avinaar.
   - A memory of desolation and devastation, opening this book in a location
     that has been destroyed by a hostile tank detonation in the last Achaean
     month will reveal the identities of those who participated to you.

A cowculating carving               - TALISMAN INFO COWCULATOR
   - This item is related to the plane of Bopalopia.
   - You may COWCULATE <calculation> and your bovine pocket aid will make 
     sure the rarest of equations are well done.

A celestial coronet                 - TALISMAN INFO CELESTIALCORONET
   - This item is related to the plane of Celestia.
   - When worn, if one of your followers falls in battle against a denizen, 
     this coronet will allow you to take their place and die in their stead.

A jagged claw                       - TALISMAN INFO CHAOSCLAW
   - This item is related to the plane of Chaos.
   - Pointing this at a mutual ally will bind you to them in their quest for
   - All of their enemies will also become your enemies (in addition to any 
     you have personally configured) 
   - The only ally you will have during this time is the one you have bound
     yourself to. 
   - This effect lasts ten minutes.

A massive iron gateway              - TALISMAN INFO GOLEMGATEWAY
   - This item is related to the Ether, the space between planes.
   - Open this gateway within a (personal) house you own and an alchemical golem
     will come forth as one of your servants.
   - One per house.

A crystal sword                     - TALISMAN INFO CRYSTALSWORD
   - This item is related to the plane of Inferno.
   - SUNDER HARMONY to disrupt harmonics and vibrations in a location. 
   - You will be considered an ally to said vibrations if relevant and not an
     enemy: this lasts three minutes and comes with a 30 minute cooldown, and 
     is tied to the location in which you initiate it. 
   - This does not affect the retardation vibration.
   - Additionally, this sword functions as a level 3 bastard sword.

An icon statuette                   - TALISMAN INFO ICONSTATUETTE
   - This item is related to the plane of Memory.
   - Crafted in the style of the icons of old, this statuette will offer you a
     boon to one of your base statistics so long as you hold it. 
   - This boon shifts periodically (once per day)
   - This will not function alongside level 3 stat artefacts but will stack 
     with artefacts up to the equivalent of level 3 boost.

A sacrificial kris                  - TALISMAN INFO KRIS
   - This item is related to the plane of Nishnatoba.
   - Wield this sacrificial blade and OFFER up any denizen corpse to your
     favourite Divine when you are not in front of a shrine. 
   - You can ATTUNE it in the presence of any Deity's shrines once per Achaean
   - Any shrine in the same room will take precedence for offerings.
   - Can not be used to sanctify or defile.

A jar of withered brains            - TALISMAN INFO BRAINJAR
   - This item is related to the plane of Underworld.
   - OPENing this jar will drive you to madness, subjecting you to the effects
     of insanity for two minutes.