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23.12 Ship Equipment

Purchasing Ship Equipment
While docked at the Tasur'ke or Thraasi Harbour, the ship's owner or captain
can order ship equipment and weapons with the SHIP REQUISITION <keyword>. This
requires the purchaser to have the requisite gold in their hands ready for

In most cases, equipment will be delivered to the current room, but some (such
as the Beacon of Iocolas) will be placed in the appropriate room.

Relocating Ship Equipment
Equipment may be relocated SHIP REQUISITION RELOCATION OF <item> from the room
you wish the item moved -to-. The fee for relocation is 10,000 gold per item.

Weapons are in their own category and are covered in HELP SHIP WEAPONS. You
still purchase them as listed above!

Available Equipment
The tools and accessories are listed below, including
Bait Tank              Beacon of Iocolas             Captain's Trunk
Cartographers Desk     Diving Bell                   Leadline
Ship's Axe             Mariner's Sextant             Salvage crane             
Token of Charybdis     Ship's Token Stores

Bait Tank (100,000 gold)  Keyword: "baittank"
You can have as many or as few of these as you like. Each holds 250 items of
any kind. Bait within will decay at a slower than usual rate. Fish are 
unaffected. Everything else decays faster in the bait tank (sloshing
around in all that water isn't good for most things!). Place tanks in any or
all rooms on your ship, as many as you like.

Beacon of Iocolas (50,000 gold)  Keyword: "beacon"
The perfect accessory for fleets! This piece of equipment will provide much
more detail in SHIP LIST for the ship captain or owner who is not
sufficiently confident about the precise location of his ships. Can only
be used if not already on any ship. The Beacon goes on the bow only.

Captain's Trunk (25,000 gold)  Keyword: "trunk"
Mark your quarters by placing this trunk in your ship's cabin. Once placed,
your swashbucklers will recognise the sanctity of the Captain's quarters and
not patrol there. While it is a trunk, it is solely decorative, and is
unsuitable for the containment of items. The trunk can only go in the cabin.

Cartographer's Desk Standard (25,000 gold)  Keyword: "standard_desk"
Cartographer's Desk Large    (75,000 gold)  Keyword: "large_desk"
Where else would you put your maps? With a cartographer's desk, currently
priced at twenty five thousand gold, those of your crew able to take bearings
(helm or watch of sufficient specialisation) will be able to help you locate
places for which you have maps. Just put your maps into the desk and you're
ready to go. The desk can be in the cabin or on any deck (quarter, main,
side). If you don't specify, it goes on the quarterdeck and may not be

See HELP SHIP MAPS for somewhat more detail on maps. Blanks are for sale
from Maelstrom.

You may upgrade an existing Standard Desk to a Large one by paying
the difference.

Diving Bell (100,000 gold)  Keyword: "bell"
Deep sea divers need a way to get down to the sea bed - hence, the diving
bell. Have one or more divers SHIP ENTER BELL, then you can SHIP LOWER
BELL until it arrives at the local sea bed's surface. The bell will make
a ringing noise upon arrival, with the number of rings being an indication
of the likely danger of the area, in terms of local denizens, and the
possibility of treasure as well. If the bell is raised while divers
remain below, those divers must hurry to the bell or be sent to a watery
grave! Divers can SHIP LEAVE BELL at any time at all, no matter where
the bell may be, and be returned to the ship's deck. To explore the
sea bed, divers simply leave to the down whenever that appears. Fish or
other deep sea denizens found on the bottom of the sea may be befriended
or fought or treated in the same way as any other denizen. If fought,
their corpses cannot be sold at fish shops, though. Try offering them!

The bell can only be on the quarterdeck.

Leadline (available from Maelstrom directly)
How can you take a sounding without a leadline? And how can you know if there's
any chance of a good dive without having a sounding? There you go then. The
SHIP TAKE SOUNDING command requires a leadline. If you get a good sounding,
you'll know there's a chance for a good dive. If not, move along. The results
of your sounding have another salutary element - fish will not strike in
shallower waters. So don't try deepsea fishing if you're not in - guess it -
deep sea!

You could just go everywhere and dive, too. I recommend you take soundings.

Mariner's Sextant (35,000 gold)  Keyword: "sextant"
How better to find your place in the cosmos than with a sextant, which gives a
fairly good idea as to your current position based on your knowledge of the sun
(and maybe someday, stars) and their movements through the skies. Try SHIP TAKE
SIGHTING at noon. These heavy, ship-mounted sextants can be placed in any
location on a ship that is not indoors. The sextant will give latitude only,
to a reasonable level of precision, but not exact. Perhaps some day Achaea's
star charts will be good enough to permit better results.

Salvage Crane (100,000 gold)  Keyword: "crane"
The crane is needed for those seeking to perform salvage operations. To start
out SHIP SALVAGE SCAN will allow you to locate a sunken ship. Then the crane
will permit you to use SHIP SALVAGE <ship id> in order to pull the wreckage off
the ocean floor.

Ship's Axe (for sale at the Tasur'ke Harbour shop)
Use this axe to free your ship from grapples sent aboard. CHOP TETHER.

Token of Charybdis (available from Maelstrom directly)
Not strictly a piece of equipment FOR a ship, it is nonetheless indispensable
for those ON ships, providing you a way to be rescued from a captainless ship.
Simply SHIP RESCUE ME to invoke the spirit of Charybdis, then wait a while, and
voila! At huge personal cost, you will arrive safely and mostly unharmed at a
mainland harbour.

Ship's Token Stores (available at Tasur'ke and Shala-Khulia harbours)
These are sort of bulk equivalents of Tokens of Charybdis which are usable
only by any crew/shipmates/etc (denizen crew), and only when a ship sinks.
They are not quite perfect, but on the whole, very effective. All crew who
use one of the Tokens from the ship's store will be preserved to continue to
serve when the ship is salvaged.

One of the huge advantages to the token stores is that if you do save some
of your crew, you will have a highly-experienced and motivated cadre who
will train up any new crew you hire very quickly. Whatever amount of
experience might be lost by bringing in new crew will be regained in a
very short time.

On the other hand, if you lose your entire crew, then there is no cadre
and thus, your new crewmembers begin as raw recruits, so to speak.


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