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4.21 NAMES

(For giving a name to a loyal animal or other creature, see HELP NAME)

Why We Care About Names
Mostly, we don't. But, some names are either offensive, don't fit in the
environment, or don't really sound like names. These, we try to keep out of our
world for the sake of maintaining the fantasy feel of it.

Unacceptable Names
- Overly silly names (Bunnyknickers, Eepeepeep).
- Offensive or obscene names.
- Any 'sensitive' names from modern religions (Jesus, Mohammed) 
- Names that don't sound like names due to being unpronounceable or including  
  articles like "the" or "an". (Thegreatone, Xkillerx, Llpptriii, 
  Ahumblecat....though Humblecat itself would be fine)
- Names that don't fit in a fantasy environment (Microsoft, Nuclear, Bieber)
- Very famous names from other fantasy worlds (Gandalf, Lestat, Zelda)
- Very famous names of real-life people, current or historical (Lincoln,
- Names that contain or are a common title or honorific. (Kingbob, Mrpeepers)

If You Decide To Change
The command is NAMECHANGE <newname>, for example

   NAMECHANGE idranuliar

For a bit more detail, see HELP NAMECHANGE. No, you can't really use
'Idranuliar' - it's just an example!

What About Houses and Cities?
Houses and cities are generally free from immortal oversight or intervention.
On the subject of names, their policies may be no more restrictive than these.

Some names came from long, long ago, before we had such rules. They will remain
due to their long history. Please don't harass Dragonknight about his name,
he's very sensitive.