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The Goddess Tarah was slain in battle by Sycaerunax, the Father of Dragons, in
611 AF.

Tarah was the goddess of Harmony and Compassion. She beckoned Her children
gently along a path of greater understanding, the development of sentience, and
harmony inside and out, always with the greater Good as highest consideration.

Tarah's teachings used the metaphor of the Ripples - placing a pebble in just
the right spot, to create ripples in just the right places. Her followers were
expected to consider their options carefully, and to act deliberately, knowing
whatever actions they take may have impacts far beyond the self.

In all things, She taught that the result - the greater Good - is the most
important thing, but that the ends and the means have a Harmony of their own
that cannot be ignored.

Tarah delighted in small things - snapdragons, chocolates, the smell of rain
before a storm, the changing of the seasons. One of Her symbols was of
concentric circles, denoting the Ripples. Another was a silver dolphin leaping
against a deep blue background, representing the unbounded joy and contentment
of a soul in complete Harmony with itself and its environment, and unhindered
by selfish pride.