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Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


(See also: HELP QUIT and HELP 8 for House- and class-related files)

Quitting or being Kicked out of a House
Fine. Go ahead. Nothing changes, except that you aren't in the House any more.
Your skills are unchanged. Go join another House, stay a rogue, or do
whatever you please!

Quitting a Class
Please read everything below before quitting your class! It is -very- important
that you understand the possible consequences.

1.   If you are an apprentice or journeyman/woman in your class, as long
     as you have not embraced class, you will lose your class skills and
     receive back approximately 98% of the number of lessons you spent to
     study in those class skills.

2.   If you have embraced class (meaning, you are a full member of the
     class) then you will lose your class skills and receive approximately
     50% of the lessons you spent to study in your class skills.

3.   QUIT CLASS is how you quit the class.

Resetting invested lessons without changing Class
Those at level 30 and under may reset the lessons spent in a skill by using the
following syntax: FORGET <SKILL>. This will return almost 100% of your invested
lessons back to you.

* Note: This functionality is blocked once you've been offered to embrace, or
        you've embraced your class.

Joining a new Class
Nothing special: just join via Certimene. There is no benefit or advantage to 
joining a class that has skills similar with your previous class.

The same restrictions apply here as elsewhere. You may join any class you
want, but if you want to be in both a House and a class, then those must be
compatible. See HELP HOUSE <house shortname> for a list of what classes are
accepted within each House. HOUSE LIST will give you the list of Houses and

(See also: HELP QUIT and HELP 8 for House- and class-related files)

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