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2.2.4 Quitting in Achaea - game, class, house, or other organisation

Two completely different topics are covered here:
 (1) quitting the game, as in, leaving Achaea to return some time later, and
 (2) quitting an organisation of which you are a member.

Quitting the Game
Quitting from Achaea is accomplished simply by typing QUIT or QQ. When you
quit, your character and equipment is saved. There is no need to explicitly
save your character before you quit. When you type quit, there will be a delay
of a few seconds. This is to prevent people from quitting as soon as they are
attacked, for this is a very frowned-upon action. You can abort the QQ or QUIT
any time during the brief delay by typing STOP. Also if you take any damage
during this time you will also stop your exit.

Be sure you don't just close your browser window or disconnect your client.
QUIT or QQ first! Otherwise _you_ may have left, but your adventurer may
continue in the realms for some time, at great hazard!


You may also use QUIT to leave your house, class, city, or clan. To quit an
order, the syntax is RENOUNCE PATRON (see HELP RENOUNCE).

Quitting Your Organisation
The QUIT command also applies to cities, houses, classes, and clans. The QUIT
command does not work for divine orders: you must use RENOUNCE PATRON in that
case. As a lay member in an order you can RENOUNCE LAY MEMBERSHIP.

Quitting Your City or House
QUIT <orgname> - this is how you quit. This works for cities and houses. Use
the shorter name if there is a choice!

Quitting Your Class: Fledgling or Journeyman/Journeywoman
If you are a fledgling or journeyman in your class, then if you QUIT CLASS, you
will lose whatever class skills you have, and will regain a number of lessons
about 2-3% less than those you spent in learning your class skills.

Quitting your Class: Full Member (You have Embraced Class)
If you are a full member in your class, meaning that you have done the
command EMBRACE CLASS, then if you QUIT CLASS, you will lose whatever class
skills you have, and will regain a number of lessons approximately equal to
HALF of those you spent in learning your class skills.

Read again carefully: you lose half your lessons if you quit class after full
(embraced) membership.

Quitting a Worldgame: Foozle, Egghunt, etc
LEAVE <Game> or QUIT <game>

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