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11.8.19 Melantha, Goddess of the Seasons

The Goddess Melantha was killed after sustaining serious injuries in battle
with Sycaerunax, the Father of Dragons, in 611 AF.

When the Wyrm of the World imprisoned Demeter's soul in the netherworld, She
experienced a nightmare that would change Her forever. A ritual was performed
to free Her from this prison, and She was reborn as Melantha, Goddess of the
Seasons. She is the embodiment of dark and light within Nature, Her personality
changing with the Seasons to reflect the experiences She had in the
netherworld. Her first act upon returning from the netherworld was to battle
the Wyrm and rid the world of its evil influence.

Her realm was but one piece of the greater whole that is Nature, and She
supported the balance of Nature, accepting each Divine realm within it as an
integral part of the cycle of life. The Goddess of the Seasons taught of
Change, that inevitable part of each man's journey through these realms. She
accepted among her followers those who embraced Change and strove to adapt and
better themselves along the paths they chose.