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19.10.16 MINI PETS

Mini pets are small denizens (in size and function) that can be obtained in a
variety of ways. Currently these are the sources of mini pets:

1. Crates obtained at random from within "a globe of shifting continents."
   - The mini pets inside these crates will become loyal to whoever removes
     them from their crates, allowing them to be traded and sold between 
     adventurers while they remain in the crate.
   - Mini pets do not age and die, and they will reset to their owners 
     approximately once every five or six Achaean days.
   - Should they be slain, they will revive and return to their owners after a 
     period of time.
   - Once loyal, these mini pets cannot be transferred between adventurers.
   - These mini pets may be customised in description only. See the section on 
     "Creature Customisations" in HELP CUSTOMISATION.

2. Special eggs sold in the Shop of Wonders.
   - See HELP SHOP OF WONDERS for more information about hatching birds from 
     these eggs.
   - These mini pets may be customised in description only, and in a limited 
     manner: they must remain the same basic material and type of bird. So, for
     example, "a glittering diamond canary" could be customised as "a black 
     diamond canary" but not "a black diamond hummingbird" or "a ruby canary." 
     See the section on "Creature Customisations" in HELP CUSTOMISATION.

See HELP DENIZENS for ways to interact with your mini pet. Some may have
additional reactions to being greeted, emoted at, etc.!

PLEASE NOTE: There are several other types of denizens that may be referred to
as "pets" but are not considered "mini pets." These include artefact pets,
mounts or steeds, and class loyals (such as a Magi's water weird, a
Serpentlord's snake, a Knight's falcon, a Sentinel's woodland creature, or one
of many entities found serving Occultists). See HELP ARTEFACTS, HELP MOUNTS, or
the relevant class help files for information on these.