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8.1.10 The Occultist Class

Secretive and powerful, Occultists have existed in Achaea since even before the
founding of the Seleucarian Empire, researching and practicing mysterious arts
in their historical home city of Ashtan. In what is commonly called the Burning
Times, the Occultists were persecuted and slain in droves by the Church in an
attempt to cease what the Church considered heretical and dangerous research.
Driven underground at that time, the Occultists resurfaced fully in the modern
day, the various cabals were united in the guild of Occultists in Ashtan early
in the modern era. This guild became a house of the same name in more recent
years. Occultists have long worshipped Chaos, and indeed, much of their power
comes from their pacts with the Chaos Lords who reign in the Chaos Plane.

Occultists are intensely protective of the secrets behind their skills,
secrets which they have gained through great efforts and at great costs.
They generally consider themselves scholars first and foremost, and the
deadly power they happen to wield as a result of their research and studies
is merely a byproduct. Knowledge at whatever cost, from whatever source,
drives them. While all owe some devotion to Chaos, many choose to worship
the realms of other Divine as well. Their historical home is in Ashtan,
where most Occultists reside and the House is based, but a few Occultists
have been known to go cityless, or to join other cities. The exception is
with Shallam, a city that has long been in conflict with the Occultists. After
the destruction of Shallam, the survivors regrouped forming the city of
Targossas, who continue to harbour their dislike of Occultists.

The Occultist skills balance both combat and utility, giving them a broad
range of abilities from healing, travelling, offensive and defensive skills,
and more. Through their pacts with the Chaos Lords, Occultists may summon
fierce chaos entities to do their bidding. With their quill, they inscribe
mystical Tarot cards with which they may hinder opponents, heal their
allies, travel across the continent -- even slow down time itself. Their
intimate knowledge of the manipulation of karma grants them many more
skills, the secrets of which they fervently guard. Those who have mastered
the manipulation of karma, it is whispered, can even take on the traits of
Chaos Lords themselves.

The skills wielded by those of Occultist class are Occultism, Domination,
and Tarot. A fledgling in this class will possess Occultism and Tarot.

** Please be advised that this class comes with restrictions on your
actions. The Chaos Lords with whom you must bargain do not look with favour
upon those who would use the powers of Chaos to oppose those who work to
further Chaos.