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19.24.6 Cities Talismans

The "Cities" talisman set:
Talismans and pieces from this set can be obtained in the following ways:
- Promotions (this will always be announced via the relevant news when the
  pieces are currently available)
- Trading between players (pieces only)
- Whole talismans bought from the Delosian shop (when in stock)
- Partial completion (see below.)

The Cities set contains the following talismans:

A broken music box                 - TALISMAN INFO MUSICBOX
 - Purchasable in Delos for 700  bound credits.
 - WIND up this musicbox and while it remains in a room it will periodically
   alter damage types so that everyone (including you!) takes more damage from
   that type of damage.

A disgusting biscuit               - TALISMAN INFO BISCUIT
 - Purchasable in Delos for 150 bound credits.
 - The diplomat's best friend, one bite of this biscuit will entirely cure you
   of being drunk.
 - However, the taste might be worse than the drunken haze!
 - Note: use of this item is not permitted during drinking contests.

A set of wraith shackles           - TALISMAN INFO WRAITHSHACKLES
 - Purchasable in Delos for 1000  bound credits.
 - CLAP SHACKLES ON someone and their rate of movement will be significantly
   reduced for the next 30 seconds.
 - Once the shackles fall off that person is immune from shackling for a 
   further 30 seconds, and the set of shackles used shall not be useable for
   5 minutes.

A tumbleweed                       - TALISMAN INFO TUMBLEWEED
 - Purchasable in Delos for 500  bound credits.
 - PLANT this insidious weed in a location and it will trip up any that enter,
   proning them and throwing them off balance for a short time.
 - Each person that trips over the weed has a chance to uproot it, at which
   point you'll be unable to use it until it restores itself.

An alabaster urn                   - TALISMAN INFO ALABASTERURN
 - Purchasable in Delos for 1300 bound credits.
 - PAINT <urn> ON <person> and undertake the noblest act of all. 
 - Next time that person falls in battle, you shall die in their stead. 
 - If you die in this way, you will not be resurrected by starburst or similar
   effects, and will instantly embrace death. 
 - You will not die to protect someone if you are not in the same room when
   they fall in battle.
 - After someone has died to protect you no-one else may for a time.
 - Only one person may protect someone at any one time (and said person may
   only protect one person at a time). 
 - You must be mutual allies with the person you are painting.
 - There is a cooldown on useage per urn in addition to per target limitations. 
 - Per target cooldown is 30 minutes, general urn cooldown is 10 minutes.
A collapsible celescope            - TALISMAN INFO CELESCOPE
 - Purchasable in Delos for 650 bound credits.
 - CONSTELLATE in a room where someone has recently starbursted to gather 
   the remnants of celestial energy.
 - Once the celescope is fully charged, it will protect you on your next
   starburst death to a denizen, making it so you retain all of your defences
   on revival.
 - Note that this -does- work vs org loyal denizens such as guards, but not
   against adventurer-loyal denizens such as woodlore animals.

Set Completion Bonus
Completing all of the talismans in this set will award a special bonus:

A barrel-maker's goblet.

When kept in your inventory, this item will alert you when someone in the area
resurrects by any means!

If the newly returned to life is on your allies list, the goblet will contain
a sip of champagne with which to celebrate.

If the newly returned to life is on your enemies list, the goblet will contain
a sip of whiskey, enabling you to gird yourself to meet them again in battle.

(This item has no tradein value.)

Partial Completions
If you have two or three pieces of a talisman in the historical set you can
TALISMAN COMPLETE PARTIAL <talismanname> to complete it for the remainder
of the bound credit value of the item as it is in the Delosian Talisman shop.
Talismans completed in this manner will have an altered tradein that
reflects its credit worth, including the credit purchased completion.
    You have: cruciblebase and cruciblebowl.
    You use TALISMAN COMPLETE PARTIAL CRUCIBLE and pay 500 bound credits.
       This is half the cost of the crucible in the shop because you already
       have half of the pieces.
    You get: a completed soulfire crucible talisman.
    This item has a tradein value of: 346 bound credits.
       This is 2/3rds of 520 credits (The 500 credits paid above, plus your 2
       pieces valued at 10 credits each.)