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7.18 DRUGS

Achaea is intended to be a living, breathing world, not just a game. Just as
with the real world, there are going to be things in Achaea some people may
find objectionable, and that's fine as long as you remember that what is
objectionable to you may be desirably edgey or common-place to others. Achaea
neither condones nor condemns drug use here or in real life. We merely present
the option. Whether you choose to become a user is up to you, just as in real

Therefore, we have a number of different drugs in Achaea. Some are:

Everyone knows what this is, of course. It comes in many forms in Achaea, from
wine to ale to shots to tropical drinks. Alcohol is considered a social drug,
but also a dangerous one: You can literally drink yourself to death. And far
before death comes fairly unpleasant effects such as heaving the contents of
your stomach up repeatedly, or blacking out. Your speech deteriorates the
drunker you get, leaving you sounding like a bit of a fool. With time and
regular drinking, you will also develop a tolerance, allowing you to drink

Normal speech: Lancelot says, "For the Honour of the Black Boar will I consume
thee, oh cheese wheel of goodness."

Drunken Sod: Lancelot says, "For t *hic* hl *hic*  honjur of the Blaek Boaaar
wilL I consUme t *hic* hee, oh dheese wheel oof goodnEss."

The relatively benign cactus weed is desert-dwelling plant that may be
harvested and smoked in a pipe. Its effects are limited largely to seeing what
some have described as "Smiley faces..smiley faces everywhere." Cactus weed is
considered a drug for oddballs.

A drug that one takes by snorting. This stuff is dangerous. Please do not mess
around with it unless you're prepared for the possibility of addiction. Gleam
gives the user a unique feeling of euphoria, and a feeling that he or she is
thinking more clearly . . . for a time. It will grant a bonus to your dexterity
sometimes, while also making it impossible for you to sleep or be put to sleep
if you have enough in you. There are also side effects from muscle twitches to
mild hallucinations to death from overdose.

The most difficult part of being a gleam user is becoming hooked. Once you're
addicted, you must have gleam every now and then or you'll go into withdrawal. 
Withdrawal is highly unpleasant, with chronic vomiting, shivering, a feeling of
your skin crawling, and more. In the case of serious gleam addicts, withdrawal
can take up to twenty five Achaean days of playing time. Please exercise
caution if you choose to dabble in gleam.

Neither Achaea nor Iron Realms Entertainment mean to encourage the use of drugs
of any kind. We present these options merely to be consistent with a "real"
feeling world.