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19.10.19 Promotional Items

Promotions are common across the Iron Realms, and those in Achaea are especially
rewarding. Whether it be lesson packages, artefact bundles, tiered credit
bonuses... Achaea has had it all. But, what sets Achaea above the rest? The
unique rewards that come alongside these promotions!

Below are the notable promotional items that continue to exist, or are currently in rotation:

A magnificent Pumpkin and a magnificent carved pumpkin
   - SMASH PUMPKIN to see the options.
   - SMASH PUMPKIN <option> to open it and retrieve your prize!
   - These can be smashed by anyone (and the prize will belong to whoever does), but pumpkins will always reset to the original owner.
   - Magnificent pumpkins smash open for:  card sleeve, blood-stained shard, or a page from the tome of inspiration.
   - Magnificent carved pumpkins smash open for: card sleeves, blood-stained shards, pages from the tome of inspiration, a custom-themed Mayaween vial, a cache that can be opened for any promotional talisman set (except for the Logosmas and Memory sets), or a Mayan crown.

An amber firefly
   - This magical creature will send messages at your behest.
   - TURN FIREFLY <message> to set the message, and PUSH FIREFLY TOWARD 
     <person> to deliver the message. 

A translucent mask
   - Wearing this mask will cause guards and other organisation-owned denizens
     to ignore you for five minutes.
   - This effect fails if you perform any hostile actions of any kind.
   - Each mask possesses 3 charges.

An aromatic velvet pouch
   - Eating one of the chocolates in this pouch will grant a boon to your
     character or, if you're feeling generous, to someone else for double the
   - The effects that the chocolates can provide range from experience boosts,
     increased stats, critical hit bonuses, faster movement, increased
     regeneration, the levitation defence, and the ability to travel to a mutual
     ally. Each of these lasts for 24 hours. Alas, there is also the possibility
     of being turned into a toad for 20 minutes. Alack!
   - If you FEED one of the chocolate to a denizen, you will receive a bonus to
     all experience gained from killing denizens of that type for 24 hours.
   - You can also eat more than one at once - in the event that you get the same effect, the duration of your bonus will be extended!

An orb of swirling glass
   - TURN or TWIST the orb to activate it.
   - Once activated, you will receive double experience for one hour, allowing
     you to gain its effects at your convenience.
   - Each orb has 2 charges and can only be used by the owner.
   - PROBE the orb to see if it is active, and how many charges it has left.
   - This bonus does NOT stack with other bonus experience effects, such as
     Double XP days/weekends.
   - It DOES stack with mentor/protege bonuses.
   - The orbs reset to their owner, but do decay in 60 months time.
   - For those wishing to prolong the life of their orb, they can be made
     non-decay (HELP CUSTOMISATIONS), but will disappear once the final
     charge has been used.

An artefact discount voucher
   - Ranging in value, this voucher entitles you to a discount upon purchasing
     an artefact. To use it, simply have it in your inventory when you buy the
     artefact of your choice.
   - This can be traded in for 3 lessons: ARTEFACT <voucherID> TRADEIN

A ball of Seftonium
   - When eaten, this will reset any class switch cooldown.

A bottle of fairy dust
   - THROW this dust to gain a prismatic barrier.
   - You may also throw it over someone else THROW FAIRYDUST OVER <person> to 
     give another person a prismatic barrier.
   - Throwing dust in this way requires both balance and equilibrium, but
     consumes neither.
   - Each bottle has enough for three barriers.

A transfer chain 
   - Cover the cost of transferring an artefact power!
   - Simply have the chain in your inventory when you next transfer an
     artefact power and the chain will be consumed in lieu of credit cost!
   - If the item the artefact is moving to is decaying and/or not resetting,
     this item will also cover the resetting and non-decay costs normally
     See HELP ARTEFACT POWERS for commands and details on the transfer process.

An interlocked cache
   - This is a Talisman cache and will open for particular talisman sets.
   - OPEN CACHE to see which sets you can open it for.
   - OPEN CACHE FOR <setname> to open the cache and get a talisman piece!
   - See HELP TALISMAN and the TALISMAN command for all talisman related

A glowing interlocked cache
   - This operates the same way as a regular interlocked cache, but it will
     instead award 2 talisman pieces, one of which is guaranteed to be rare.

A clay chip
   - This chip trades in to the value of 30 unbound credits!
   - ARTEFACT <ID> TRADEIN to do so!

A Cerulean Lifestone
   - RUB this to remove all afflictions.
   - Item is then consumed.

A featureless ice figurine
   - This can be redeemed for 50 credits worth of customisations, either via 
     the in-game customisation system or through

Various figurines for battling
   - BATTLE CHALLENGE WITH <ID> to initiate a battle
   - BATTLE ACCEPT WITH <rep> to accept a challenge.

A Globe of Terrifying Continents
   - Upon opening, these globes will reward you with any number of exciting

A Globe of the Faerie Court
   - Upon opening, these globes will reward you with any number of exciting
   - See ANNOUNCE NEWS #5012 for all the details.

A Shining Teardrop
   - Shining teardrops are a currency item that can be spent in the FAESHOP!
   - Buying items from the FAESHOP as gifts will cost 3 additional teardrops.

A Miniature Wooden Horse
   - BREATHE on this horse and it will serve as a raido rune for you!
   - Runewardens may even place one of these if they already have a raido
     present somewhere in the land.
   - These horses are good for one use: SAY RIDE HOME once its placed, and
     you'll be teleported straight to its location!

Humgii Racing Tickets
   - For more information please see HELP RACING.
   - To see how many tickets you currently possess check your CREDIT REPORT.

A fake moustache
   - WEAR, TURN, and PULL for various styles and effects!

A lucrescent nut
   - When eaten, this will set all of the skills for your current class to
     transcendent for 2 hours.
   - These tradein for 2 bound credits each.
   - These decay.

A miniature flagon on a chain
   - You may TURN this pendant to be teleported to the Iron Alehouse.

A prismatic token
   - When the Wheel of Fortune is present in Achaea, this token will grant you
     a single spin.

A bloodstained shard of enamel
   - When you get your first shard, you can SLICE PALM WITH <shard> to create
     a locket. This locket, and the portrait inside, will be linked to you,
     bestowing a variety of special powers. Additional powers will unlock as
     you obtain additional shards, then FUSE <shard> INTO <locket>, upgrading
     the portrait and the powers.

     There is a cost to these powers though: The locket must be fuelled by 
     your very being. Once every 24 RL hours, you can CARESS <locket> to imbue
     it with your blood. The varying skills will use a portion (or all) of the
     stored blood power.

     The locket has 20 levels of power:
        Level 1:  Creation of the locket.
        Level 2:  The locket no longer decays.
        Level 3:  SOLICIT LOCKET FOR IMMORTALITY Death is suspended for 5
                  seconds after you die (** See note below **) 
                  (100% power usage.)
        Level 4:  The locket now resets to you.
        Level 5:  SPIN LOCKET - changes the appearance of your locket to one 
                  of 7 different themed versions. Usable once per day.
        Level 6:  Immortality now lasts 10 seconds.
        Level 7:  SOLICIT LOCKET FOR REST - Draw your fatigue into your
                  portrait, refreshing your tiredness. (33% power usage)
        Level 8:  SOLICIT LOCKET FOR SATIATION - Trade satiation with your
                  portrait, quenching your hunger. (33% power usage)
        Level 9:  Immortality now lasts for 15 seconds.
        Level 10: SOLICIT LOCKET FOR SOBRIETY - Cleanse yourself of all
                  alcoholic effects. (Does not work in drinking contests.)
                  (33% power usage)
        Level 11: Caressing the locket now has a lower cost.
        Level 12: Immortality now lasts 20 seconds.
        Level 13: SOLICIT LOCKET FOR ENDURANCE - Gain 5% of your maximum
                  endurance. (50% power usage)
        Level 14: SOLICIT LOCKET FOR WILLPOWER - Gain 5% of your maximum
                  willpower. (50% power usage)
        Level 15: Immortality now lasts 25 seconds.
        Level 16: SOLICIT LOCKET FOR RAGE - Store/retrieve your rage in your
                  portrait. (33% power usage)
        Level 17: SOLICIT LOCKET FOR TATTOOS - Freeze your tattoos on your
                  portrait, preventing automatic fading for an hour. 
                  (33% power usage)
        Level 18: Immortality now lasts 30 seconds.
        Level 19: Soliciting your locket for willpower or endurance now imbues
                  you with 10% of your maximum stat.
        Level 20: Immortality will no longer kill you, should you reach your
                  full health and mana before immortality fades.

 ** Note **
It's not true "immortality", more of a slight postponement of the inevitable.
Here's what happens with the immortality power active:
   1. You receive a non-instakill attack that brings you to 0 health.
   2. The ability fires, giving you and people in the room a message that it
   3. Your health is set to a very low level, any afflictions and effects on
      your person remain.
   4. You continue the fight as normal until either:
      a) Receive an attack that brings you to 0 health again.
      b) You get instakilled.
      c) The immortality power fails.
       d) You heal up to full health/mana (with a level 20 locket only).
   * Being killed in the immortal timeframe will kill the victim normally.
   * Immortality will bypass any SOULCAGE (Necromancy) or TRANSMOGRIFY
     (Occultism)  defences that you have when it activates.
   * Immortality will not work in the arena.

A shimmering crystal clover
   - PULLing a leaf from this rare little plant will grant a critical hit bonus
     for 24 hours. 

A grey and clouded glass bottle
   - The cyclone bottle holds the power to bring about an adjacent room beckon 
   - SHAKE <bottle> to whip up the Azatlani Windspeaker's magic!
   - PROBE <bottle> to see remaining charges

A supreme scrapper trainer's token
   - This token can be exchanged for almost any minipet found in the 
     COLLECTION lists!
   - PROMO REDEEM <tokenID> FOR <minipet single name>
   - E.G PROMO REDEEM 12345 FOR giraffe
   - This minipet will come crated and available to trade!
A shattered token
   - Redeem this token for any promotional talisman piece.
   - PROMO REDEEM <tokenID> FOR <talisman piece short name>

A silver stocking
   - This stocking allows you to receive a gift once every year via PULL

A silver token
   - These are redeemable for a resetting and description customisation on a
     single item. 

A stocking
   - Stockings come in 4 varieties: Logosmas, Fancy, Grand, and Extravagant.
   - You may either HANG STOCKING FOR ME or HANG STOCKING FOR <adventurer>. You 
     can also HANG STOCKING FOR <adventurer> ANONYMOUS to give someone a secret
   - Once hung, Ironbeard will appear at midnight and fill the stocking with
   - To see all of your stockings, simply use the STOCKINGS command. If filled
     by Ironbeard you can then find your stocking and OPEN STOCKING to see what
     gifts are inside!

A worn whetstone
   - Nullifies the lesson cost of learning a weapon proficiency.

Artefact upgrade token
   - 50 credit worth towards the upgrade of any artefact or artefact power.

A Ledolian Surcoat
   - When EMPOWER'ed, grants the wielder +10 armour resistance to all elemental
     and physical damage.
   - Has 10 charges, each lasting 1 RL hour and can be used once every 3 RL
   - This item can be CONSOLIDATE'ed to combine the charges of multiple items
     into a single item.

An ink-stained rose thorn
   - Allows the instant application of a tattoo.
   - Has 5 charges, can be used once per Achaea day/RLhour.
   - Add INSTANT to the end of your INK command to use the item.
   - You will still need the pre-requisite ability and inks to use this item.
   - This item can be CONSOLIDATE'ed to combine the charges of multiple items
     into a single item.

A smoked glass flask/Amber ampoule
   - The smoked glass flask is an artefact version of the amber ampoules.
   - TURN to change which race it will feature.
   - The race choices will accumulate as the new ampoules are made available.
   - Use on a blank and bantam goblin minipet.
   - SHAKE FLASK <minipetID> to utilise this strange item.
   - This will cause the goblinoid to take on various traits of the race.

A survivalist's bandana
   - This bandana increases your constitution by 1 and increases how much a
     health elixir heals you by 10%.
   - These are the regular artefact powers and can be upgraded in game.
   - These do not stack with existing constitution(#) or health_sip(#)

A cabalist's cowl
   - This cowl cuts your karma useage for all Occultism Abilities by half.

A platinum dragon scale
   - This holy scale cuts all devotion useage by half.

A Sartanic Vambrace
   - This bloodsteel vambrace cuts all necromantic essence useage by half.

A token of notoriety
   - This token allows the owner five additional slots on his or her enemy and
     ally lists.

A Sorcerous Bangle
   - This bangle holds the faster_eq(1) power and the magic_damage(1) powers.
   - These are the regular artefact powers and can be upgraded in game.
   - These do not stack with existing faster_eq(#) or magic_damage(#)

A Gladiator's Medal
   - This medal holds the reserves(1) power and the criticals(1) powers.
   - These are the regular artefact powers and can be upgraded in game.
   - These do not stack with existing reserves(#) or criticals(#) artefacts.

A polished silver stamp
   - This holds the commodity_market and mine_capacity(1) powers.
   - mine_capacity(1) can be upgraded.

An intricate silver leaf cage
   - This holds the fluid_expansion(1) and rift_expand(1) powers.
   - Both can be upgraded.

An onyx ouroboros statuette
   - This holds the batch_enchantments and batch_tattoos powers.

* Lesser Stone of Wonder has been added at the 700cr tier! These items will allow you to REDEEM <stone> FOR <item>, where the item is one of these discontinued Shop of Wonders items:
   Item Name    SoW Artefact
   ---------    ------------
   Portfolio    A crafter's portfolio (Allows crafters to preserve up to 100 designs)
   Jar          A fluvian jar (Fills with 100 draughts of water, allows squashing fires, scrubbing off stink, clearing graffiti and many other uses).
   Hippogriff   A charcoal hippogriff (Legendary flying steed with a Collar of Lupus (resets to your inventory))
   - Lesser stones trade in for 333 bound credits.
* Greater Stone of Wonders has been added at the 1000cr tier. Allowing redemption for the following discontinued Shop of Wonder items:
   Item Name    SoW Artefact
   ---------    ------------
   Kris         A sacrificial kris (Allows offering to your favourite Divine from anywhere)
   Pipe         A diamond pipe (Grants 15 puffs from herbs or minerals, up from 10)
   Sceptre      A sceptre of Aqueous Mastery (Allows the owner to flood rooms and part water in watery rooms)
   - Greater stones trade in for 666 bound credits.

- A handful of glittering mud
The handful of glittering mud is a new consumable item that can be applied to many resetting items to give them a special, Seleucarian themed description!
The item must be resetting to you, loyal to you, and in your inventory.
Currently viable items are: Rings, bracelets, boots, belts, pendants, armour (not morphing), wings, shields, and earrings. If you have a resetting item that can be interacted with by any of these terms, then the mud will alter its description!
PUSH <mudID> <itemID> to change the description (this will consume the mud)
Mud can be traded in via the Promo Tradein command.

- A sparkling handful of snow
The sparkling handful of snow has been added to the stocking prize pool. This has a functional credit value of 50 credits and will turn a/an ring, bracelet, pair of boots, pair of wings, earring, pendant, shield, set of robes, suit of armour, cloak into a special Logosmas version of itself! PUSH SNOW <itemID>. This item can be traded in via the promo tradein command and can be traded to other players.

Golden Giftbags
    - These special giftbags are different to the standard kind in that
      they can be upgraded!
    - Each bag starts at tier 0 (see below for the full prize lists).
    - GIFTBAG UPGRADE <bag> will attempt to upgrade your giftbag's contents 
      to the next level of prizes. Be warned, however, that there is only a 
      -chance- that your attempt will succeed. Higher level giftbags have a 
      progressively lower chance of success.
    - If you are unsuccessful in upgrading your giftbag, its contents will be 
      replaced with ONE item (or group of items) from the default tier. So if 
      your bag is already at the default tier and you are unsuccessful in 
      upgrading, rather than a group of 20 sileris, 10 key sigils, a group of 
      25 red inks, and 1000 gold... you might get a group of 20 bloodroot. So 
      there is a risk of not getting much... but you will always get 
   -  Each bag can be upgraded multiple times, though remember, the chance of 
      success goes down the higher a bag gets! If an upgrade is successful, 
      congratulations! Your giftbag's contents will be replaced with an item 
      from the next higher tier. Once removed from the giftbag, artefacts 
      that can normally be traded in may be traded in.
   - The tiers:

      0 - Default level at which all giftbags start: you'll get some herbs, 
      sigils, inks, and gold.

      1 - Runic vials containing stat, experience, and critical hit boosting 
      elixirs, or clay chips (worth 20cr to trade-in).

      2 - Artefact pipe, Artefact vial, or ivory dice.

      3 - Dragonskin quiver, drinking horn, Dagger of Reincarnation, or 
      Serpentine Keyring.

      4 - One of the level 1 artefact weapons.

      5 - Wand of Reflections, Eagle's wings, Buckawn Amulet, or Wand of 

      6 - Veil of the Sphinx, Gem of Rapid Transmutation, Grimoire of Hasty 
      Adaptation, or Girdle of Aegis.

   - GIFTBAG CHECK <bag>   - Check whether or not a giftbag can be upgraded, 
     and what the next tier prizes are. 

Magical love arrows
   - These arrows can be used to SHOOT <player> WITH LOVE and mark yourself
     as a future recipient of a gift from Eros.
   - PROMO_ARROWS: This command shows you how many arrows you have, and how
     many you have shot. 

Paper lanterns
Paper lanterns are a new consumeable item created to help celebrate Nissa's grand cultural showcase! When you open a globe and get a lantern, the lantern will theme to your city!

If you do not have a city you will also get a themed lantern, no fear!

These lanterns can be lit, and they will fly up into the air to disappear and convey one of three gifts to the city as a whole! This will be either 5 credits in the city's coffers, a 15 minute critical hit bonus, or a 15 minute xp bonus!

If you are a rogue lighting a lantern the bonuses are the critical hit bonus or the XP bonus, rogue lanterns do not offer organisation credits.

Lighting more lanterns will extend the duration of the crit or XP bonuses, up as far as the end of July when the celebration, any lanterns, and any bonuses (regardless of duration remaining), will come to an end.

Alongside these promotional items, unique and special artefacts are also sold
in the Shop of Wonders (HELP SOW) on the isle of Delos.