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5.1.1 Regeneration of Health and/or Mana: Notes!

(see also HELP RECOVERY)

Health regeneration - "How quickly does your health rise when you are damaged?"
Mana regeneration - "How quickly does your mana rise when you are below full?"

First, Health regeneration. Then Mana regeneration below that.


What Always Affects Health Regen
alchemy astronomy
a bard's continuo
being in a health regen room
boar tattoo
boost and regeneration abilities
crystalism harmony
grove harmony
grove vigour
a dreamcatcher, while sleeping
uruz rune
being grook in an aquatic environment

What Affects Health Regen Within Limits
regen ring:                  1-2 levels
berkana rune:                  1 level
trollskin armour(*):           2 levels
Ri'shen attunement:            1 level

The total of levels that will affect health regen is 3. Having a total of
levels beyond 3 is possible, but will not increase health regeneration rates.
No more than one regen ring (the best, if more than one is worn) will grant any
regen for the wearer.

The 3-level limit is for health and has nothing to do with mana: the two are
independent limits.

Examples of Limits on Health Regeneration
Suppose you wish to maximize health regeneration. How may this be accomplished?
Acquire a level 2 regen ring and a berkana rune. This would provide 3 levels of
health regen. A boar tattoo would speed things further, as boar tattoo and
boost/regen abilities do not count towards the 3-level limit.

Perhaps the player has a rare suit of trollskin armour* and wants to purchase a
health regen ring. What should the player buy? A level 2 regen ring would be a
waste, since only 3 levels of health regen are counted. Boar tattoo and
boost/regen abilities do not count towards the 3-level limit, and so are not a

The same person wishes to obtain a berkana rune. If the player already has a
level 1 regen ring, of what value would the berkana rune be?  None - the player
already has 3 levels of health regeneration and cannot benefit from any more.

* Trollskin armour, a discontinued artefact, is no longer sold or available.


What Always Affects Mana Regen
alchemy astronomy 
moon tattoo
mind splitting
being in a mana regeneration room

What Affects Mana Regen Within Limits
Racial bonus mana regen:   1-3 levels
mana regen ring:           1-2 levels

This is always limited to a maximum of 3 levels. The 3-level limit is for mana
and has nothing to do with health: the two are independent limits.

(see also HELP RECOVERY)