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13.4.4 Drawing and Sheathing

For one-handed swords, you still have the old-fashioned scabbards. While for
knives, dirks, and daggers, you now have sheaths. For one-handed axes, and
maces you now have beltloops and for those who really prefer brute force, for
the two-handed weapons, there is the sturdy baldric. For those of you with a
thing for whips and blackjacks, there are belthooks to hang them from.

All of these weapon holders must be worn in order to draw or sheathe a weapon.

Putting a sword into a scabbard:

   SHEATHE <weapon>
   SHEATHE <holder>

Getting a sword out of a scabbard:


Lashing a shield to a backstrap

   LASH <shield> TO <backstrap>
   UNLASH <shield> [LEFT|RIGHT]
   UNLASH <holder> [LEFT|RIGHT] 

(See also: HELP WEAPONS)

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