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4.5.1 Tutors and Teachers


There are six types of tutors/teachers: 
- General tutors,
- City tutors,
- Class-specific tutors,
- Tradeskill-specific tutors,
- House-specific tutors, and
- Adventurers

General Tutors
A general tutor is a denizen who can teach anyone class specific abilities up
to virtuoso level and non-class skills up to maximum level. There are few so
learned who will share their knowledge publicly. Of these, the most frequently
visited are:

- Onorol the Healer (Sacristy of Healing in Shastaan)
- Tyrandiel the wise (Lucretian Athenaeum in New Thera)
- Wizardress Tenobob (a hut in the newbie village of Lodi)
- Captain Maelstrom (harbour of Tasur'ke)
- Nehuen (Hall of Shields in Orilla upon Meropis)

City Tutors
City tutors can train you in most abilities but are only able to teach up to
the skillrank of Skilled. (See: HELP SKILLRANKS.)

The city tutors are:
Ashtan:  Epicurus      Cyrene:  Indalecio      Eleusis:   Aine
Hashan:  Damaris       Mhaldor: Maric          Targossas: Cazin

Class Tutors
These three can train you in their specific arts.
Kavaya  - Blademaster
Kosuira - Depthswalker
Yinied  - Shikudo

Tradeskill Tutors
These three can train you in shipfitting!
Captain Maelstrom
Hawkins, the shipwright
Scurvy Jim

House Tutors
Each House in Achaea has at least one tutor. Only House members may learn from
this tutor, who usually resides in the House's estate where you may learn in
relative safety. House tutors alone can teach all abilities up to the maximum

Any adventurer may teach you anything in which he has a higher level of skill. 
Should you learn from a mentor, you will be able to learn 20 lessons at a time.


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