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8.1.4 The Blademaster Class

Famously displayed in centuries past by a great foreign hero, the ancient
skills of the Blademaster were lost to history, but rediscovered in the modern
age. Encompassing mastery of sword and self, these agile swordsmen strike as
the wind, outrun the rain, and can cut a circle of death through the bloodiest
battlefield or darkest alleyway.

Originating from the distant nation of Kashar, the Two Arts and their
companion martial practises came to the shores of Sapience with the mercenary
Lucaine Pyramides. Rising to spectacular prominence in the succession wars of
the troubled Seleucarian Empire, he fought for the beleaguered Empress, cutting
a swath through enemy forces to turn many a battle with the impossible
precision of his weapon, Three Moons. The sellsword turned hero met an
untimely fate, and his ways and knowledge were lost alongside his fabled blade.

Centuries later, questing Kashari marauders on a mission of pursuit set about a
series of events that saw the hero's sword rediscovered and the way of the
sheathed blade returned. Now shared with those who would learn by the Hatha-yin
maiden Kavaya, descendant of the bloodline of Lucaine, the path of the
Blademaster is one of physical training, mental discipline, and supreme
combative prowess.

Unarmed, a Blademaster is a formidable opponent, well-versed in the
vulnerabilities and pressure points that can leave a foe reeling and helpless.
With his sword at his side, each one bearing a name unique to its wielder, a
Blademaster is a force of death. Drawing and resheathing their blade with each
attack, swift slashes accompanied by precise, unarmed strikes, a Blademaster's
furious onslaught is further strengthened through the Shin trance.
Concentrating the rhythm and pulse of battle, Shindo permits terrific feats of
might and power.

The skills of a Blademaster are TwoArts, Striking, and Shindo. A fledgling of
the class will learn TwoArts and Striking. Shindo is learned upon embracing the