Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.

2.9 A list of basic commands

Information about your Character
SHOW            : Combines pretty much everything below. See HELP SHOW.

SCORE/STAT      : Gives you the most basic information about your character.
STATUS STATS    : Shows some information about your kills and deaths.
I,INVENTORY,EQ  : Lists the equipment you possess.
INFO INV,II     : Lists the unique, identifying numbers of your equipment.
DEF,DEFENCES    : This will list various defences that you may have.
DEFENCES BRIEF  : Show a less verbose list of defences that you may have.
SKILLS          : List what skills you have.
AB <skillname>  : See what abilities you have in a skill.
WIELDED         : See what you are wielding.
FEELINGS        : See how the Gods, or Villages, feel about you currently.
CREDITS         : See various syntax related to credits, such as converting.

Communication commands
SAY or ' or "   : Say something to everyone in your location. Note that there
                  are some other verbs that work similarly to say. For
                  instance: sing, whine, mutter, snarl, and scream.

EMOTE           : Send text to everyone in the room.

TELL            : Remote communication with another adventurer. This can also
                  be done just by typing an adventurer's name followed by the
                  text you wish to send.
TELLS           : Lists the last fifty tells received.
SHOWTELL <#>    : Shows a tell from your history.
TELLSOFF        : Stop listening to tells.
TELLSON         : Start listening to tells.

YELL            : Yell something to everyone in your immediate area.
YELLSOFF        : Stop listening to yells.
YELLSON         : Resume listening to yells.

SHOUT           : Shout something out for everyone in the land to hear.
SHOUTSOFF       : Stop listening to shouts.
SHOUTSON        : Resume listening to shouts.

NEWBIE          : Speak on the newbie channel.
NEWBIEOFF       : Turn the newbie channel off.
NEWBIEON        : Turn the newbie channel on.

MSG             : Send a message to someone.
MESSAGES        : See a summary of your messages.
SHOWMSG         : See a message in full detail.
DELMSG          : Delete a message.
DELMSG ALL      : Delete all your messages.
CMSG            : Clear your message.

NEWS            : Type HELP NEWS to get information about the news.
IGNORE <person> : Begin to ignore, or, if you're already ignoring, stop
                  ignoring, a person. Stops messages, tells, directed
                  says, and targetted emotes.

Movement commands
WALK TO <landmark> : Walk to a landmark. See HELP LANDMARKS
See HELP MOVEMENT for more on movement.

Item-related commands
GET             : Gets something from the ground or a container. Experiment
                  with GET 50 MYRRH vs. GET MYRRH.
DROP            : Drops an item. DROP 50 ASH vs. DROP ASH.
GIVE            : Give an item to another being, like GIVE 50 ASH TO DAVID.
                  For gold, always use the amount: GIVE 1000 GOLD TO JACK.
PUT             : Put an item in something. PUT 33 GOLD IN PACK.
EX, EXAMINE     : See what a creature looks like, or how tough it is.
P, PROBE        : Information about something and what's inside it.

BREAK           : Destroys certain fragile items.
KNOCK           : Indicates your presence on one side of a door.
LIGHT           : Firecrackers, Pipes, and LOTS of other things!
PULL, PUSH      : Could be useful almost anywhere.
RING, SHAKE     : Could be useful almost anywhere.
SMELL, TASTE    : Food, drinks, elixirs, and sometimes other things.
TURN            : Could be useful almost anywhere.
TOUCH           : Could be useful almost anywhere.
READ            : Books, signs, plaques, inscriptions, etc.
WEAR            : Wear an item that you hold.
REMOVE          : Remove an item that you are wearing.

OPEN            : To open a door. OPEN DOOR NORTH (etc). Only unlocked doors!
CLOSE           : CLOSE DOOR DOWN (etc). Doors MAY be locked open.
LOCK            : Have the proper key, then LOCK DOOR <direction>.
UNLOCK          : Have the proper key, then UNLOCK DOOR <direction>.

WIELD           : Wield an item. WIELD LEFT or WIELD RIGHT for handedness.
UNWIELD         : Cease wielding an item.
THROW           : see HELP THROWING.
POINT           : POINT <thing> AT <whoorwhat>. Must be holding the thing.
SHEATHE         : Sheathe a sword in a worn scabbard. Note that you may also
                  SHEATHE <scabbard> to sheathe a sword in a specific scabbard.
DRAW            : Draw a sword from a worn scabbard. You may also
                  DRAW <scabbard> to draw from a specific scabbard.
DRAW STRONG     : Draw a sword from a worn scabbard with a flashy slash.
                  You may also DRAW <scabbard> STRONG.
DRAW SALUTE     : Draw a sword from a scabbard in a salute. You may also
                  DRAW <scabbard> SALUTE.

Commands to gain information about the world
LOOK, L         : A full description of the location you are in.
QL              : (QuickLook) An abbreviated description of your location.
EXITS, X        : Lists only the visible exits from your current location.
VERBOSE         : Get long descriptions of rooms when moving around.
BRIEF           : Get only short descriptions of a room when moving around.
INFO HERE, IH   : See the unique item numbers of the things in your location.
WHO HERE        : See a brief listing of the people in your location.
WHO             : Shows who is in the game, if visible to you.
BW,QW           : (BriefWho, QuickWho) A shorter WHO listing.
RACEWHO, RWHO   : A who list for people of your race.
WARES           : See what is for sale in a shop. See HELP SHOPS for more.
CRAFTERWHO      : A list of online tailors, jewellers, heralds, and cooks.
CONSIDER        : Learn more about your foe.

Some combat-related commands
KILL            : Use a class attack on a denizen.
SETTARGET, ST   : Set a target, allowing you to just enter an attack command, 
                  rather than specifying a target each time.
COMPOSE         : Purge fear from yourself.
CONCENTRATE     : Regain internal equilibrium if you have lost it.
WRITHE          : Escape from hindering entanglements.
PUNCH           : Punch something. A weak attack.
KICK            : Kick something. Also a weak attack.
DRINK           : Drink a liquid, such as a healing elixir.
APPLY           : Used to apply salves to your body. For instance, APPLY
                  MENDING SALVE TO ARMS. See HELP HEAL for extended
                  information on healing.
MEDITATE/MED    : Regain mana.
SLEEP           : Regain health.
SET WARCRY      : Set your warcry. Can warcry or motto but not both.
WARCRY          : Scream out your warcry.
SET MOTTO       : Set your motto. Can warcry or motto but not both.
MOTTO           : Declaim your motto.
STAND           : Stand up if you have fallen down.

Some house-related commands (You may see the others with HOUSE AUTHORITY)
HOUSE MEMBERS   : See the active members in your house.
HOUSEFAVOUR     : Formally honour a fellow housemember.
HOUSEDISFAVOUR  : Place a black mark against a fellow housemember.
QUIT <housename>: Quits your house.
HWHO            : See who from your HOUSE is online.
HOUSETELL, HT   : Tell something to everyone who is online and in your house.

Some city-related commands
CWHO            : See who is online from your city.
CITIZENS        : See every active member of your city.
CITIZENS DORMANT: See the dormant members of your city.
CITYTELL, CT    : Tell something to everyone who online and a member of your

Other commands of general usefulness
QUIT, QQ          : Leave Achaea, for now.
DATE              : See the Achaean date.
TIME              : See the real time.
REGISTER          : Register your personal details with the system.
DESCRIBE SELF     : Add a personal touch to your description.
ENEMY             : Declare someone your enemy.
UNENEMY           : Remove someone from your enemies list.
ALLY              : Declare someone your ally.
UNALLY            : Remove someone from your allies list.
CONFIG PAGELENGTH : Set the max number of lines to be displayed at once
                    when reading long scrolls.
!                 : Repeat your last command.
EAT               : Eat a piece of food.
PORTALS           : If you are a newbie and have any Godly rescues left,
                    this will teleport you to a room full of portals.
                    (STATUS will tell you if you have any left.)
FLIPCOIN          : Flip a coin. Heads or tails? Only Hermes, God of
                    rogues and gamblers, knows.
BIRTHDAYS         : Shows you who has a birthday today.
HONOURS           : Gives you some information about another adventurer.
PASSWORD          : Change your password.
RANKINGS          : See a list of the top-ranked adventurers.
LEARN             : Commence a lesson in a skill from a denizen or adventurer.
                    (see HELP LEARNING)
DEPOSIT           : Deposit some money in a bank. (see HELP BANKING)
WITHDRAW          : Withdraw some money from your account.
SCRUB             : When you are particularly smelly, scrubbing yourself in
                    a river or lake is quite effective.
STAREDOWN         : Stare down another adventurer, if of a lower level.
RATS              : Toggle whether or not you see rats.
PLANTS ON/OFF     : Whether or not you see growing plants.
WEATHER ON/OFF    : Whether or not you see general weather conditions.
DELETE            : Permanently destroy your character, except customers.
REINCARNATE       : You may reincarnate once for free during your
                    lifetime. Doing so allows you to choose a new race.
                    You must be dead to reincarnate. The syntax is 
                    REINCARNATE INTO <race>.
NAMECHANGE        : Allows you to change your name, provided you have played
                    under 50 hours, and have not changed it before.
SCRUB WALLS       : With a full bucket of water, scrub city walls of graffiti.
NAME <denizen>    : Name your loyal denizens! Costs 1000 gold.