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As most jewellers will be happy to tell you, jewellery is one of the noblest of
the practical crafts. With it, one may take beautiful raw materials and create
items of surpassing beauty. Warriors have fought and died over the product of a
master jeweller.

By gaining the tradeskill of Jewellery, you will be able to create your own unique styles of jewellery, engrave existing jewellery, and even pierce people's
bodies for them.

In order to gain Jewellery, you must purchase a permit for 200 credits from the
Jewellers Union Headquarters in Delos by doing BUY JEWELLERY PERMIT. You must
be over level 10 to access the jewellery tradeskill.

Abilities Gained
At Novice:       The ability to craft jewellery from existing schematics.
At Adept:        The ability to create new schematics.
At Fabled:       The ability to do piercings.
At Mythical:     The ability to repair jewellery.
At Transcendent: The ability to engrave jewellery.

Basic Syntaxes
   - Buy your license to become a jeweller.

CRAFT <schematic> [passcode]
   - Construct a piece of jewellery from your schematic.

DESIGN <sketch> COPY <schematic>
   - Create a blank sketch from a schematic type.

   - At a cost of 1000gp you can hide your designs from others
     when they do NDS MATCH searches. This flag may be set on 
     the sketch or after approval with the corresponding NDS 

   - At the cost of 1000gp you can hide the crafters mark. This
     means that when the crafted item is probed it will not show
     the line saying "It bears the distinctive mark of".

   - Sets a flag saying that this piece uses gems in the design.

DESIGN <sketch> APPEARANCE <description>
   - Sketch out the appearance description for your new design.
       Note: Max of 50 characters.

DESIGN <sketch> DROPPED <description>
   - Sketch out the dropped description for your new design.

DESIGN <sketch> EXAMINED <description>
   - Sketch out the examined description for your new design.

   - Submit your sketch for approval by the Crafting Council.
       Note: Must submit from the Jewellery office.

   - Submit your sketch for approval by the Crafting Council.
   - This costs 1000 gold.
   - Must submit from the Jewellery Office in Delos 
     (unless you possess the Crest of the Crafting Council)
   - The addition of URGENT places a design in a high priority queue and costs
     10,000 gold instead of 1000.

DESIGN REQUEST <schematic>
   - Pay for and pick up your approved schematic.
       Note: Must submit from the Jewellery office.

Detailed Syntaxes
  Do this from the Jewellers Union Headquarters inside the Craft Guild offices
  in Delos. It will cost you 200 credits, and you will gain the tradeskill of

CRAFT <schematic>
  This will allow you to craft a piece of jewellery from an existing schematic,
  providing you have the required commodities and gold, which you may see by
  probing the schematic. The higher the prestige of the item, the more gold
  will be required to craft it.

Creating Custom Schematics
1. Buy a blank jewellery sketch. You can find these in Delos in the shop at the
   Jeweller Union HQ.

2. Obtain a generic schematic of the type you wish to make. For instance, if
   you're going to be making a necklace primarily made of gold, purchase
   'a schematic of a plain gold necklace' in the Jeweller Union HQ.

3. DESIGN <blank sketch> COPY <generic schematic>. This will copy the generic
   schematic onto your blank sketch.

4. Customise your sketch's look with the following:
   DESIGN <sketch> APPEARANCE <description>
     - This is the description you see when you type 'info inv'.
     - Examples: 'an ornate silver ring' or 'a beautiful platinum necklace'.
   DESIGN <sketch> DROPPED <description>
     - This is the description people see when an item is in a room.
     - Example: A small bone hairpin has been left here.
   DESIGN <sketch> EXAMINED <description>

     - This is what people see when they examine something. You should not
       include reference to weight or loyalty as these are auto-generated when

5. Optional: DESIGN <sketch> ADD GEMS
   VERY IMPORTANT. If your jewellery is going to have gems in it you must use
   this command on it or your sketch will be rejected. Again, if you're going
   to have gems in the descriptions, you MUST use this command.

6. Go to the Jewellers Union HQ and: DESIGN <sketch> SUBMIT. This will submit
   it for approval. If it is not approved it will be sent back to you along
   with a brief reason why. If it is approved you will receive a letter by
   mail telling you the reference number of the approved schematic and how
   much it will cost you to pick up.

   In order to facilitate approval of your sketches, please study the
   guidelines at the end of this scroll.

7. DESIGN REQUEST <schematic>. You must do this in the Jewellers Union HQ and
   you must have the appropriate amount of gold on you, as you were notified
   in the letter sent to you. The fee will be a minimum of 5000 gold and could
   be MUCH higher. The fee is dependent on how valuable your item is.

   Now, you have your own schematic and may craft items from it!

Engraving is simple once you have reached the level of Transcendent.
Engravings cost 10 gold/letter to add, and a flat 1000 gold to remove.

  ENGRAVE <jewellery/armour/weapon> <message>
  ENGRAVE <jewellery/armour/weapon> REMOVE

You may not engrave resetting items.

REPAIR <jewellery>
   This will extend the months of usefulness on the given piece of jewellery,
making it possible to keep the item forever.

Repairing a piece of jewellery will cost you a minimum of 1000 gold and will
increase depending upon the original crafting cost of the item and how much
damage needs to be repaired.

Body piercing
Please see HELP BODYPIERCING for information about this.

Schematic Guidelines
1. Don't take liberties with the schematic type.
   This means that if you copied 'a plain silver ring' onto a sketch, the
   sketch must remain a ring. It cannot be turned into 'a nosering' or
   'a silver snake'. The main noun in the 'appearance' field must exactly
   match whatever the schematic is for.

2. 'Appearance' format
   a. Don't make a sentence out of it.
   b. Don't make it too long or try to cram too much detail into it. That is
      what the examine description is for. The system will limit the length
      for you.
   c. Don't write about any actions or reactions the item is having. Something
      like 'a ring reflecting the moonlight' would not be accepted as it is not
      always going to be in moonlight.

   The simplest way to see if you have set an appropriate description here is
   to put it in this sentence: You give <appearance description> to Lupus.
   If your appearance description makes a proper sounding and looking sentence
   there then you're probably ok.

3. 'Dropped' format.
   This is what people see when an item is in a room and they type 'look.'
   Some rules:
   a. It must be a complete sentence, with a period on the end. No exclamation
      points, no question marks, no multiple periods.
   b. The main noun in the sentence must be the same as the schematic name so
      that people know what to call it when they want to pick it up, without
      having to type 'info here.'
   c. Keep this to one line or less.
   d. Things like "A ring lies on a table here." are not acceptable if
      it were dropped on the highway there is no table to lie on.

4. Format for examine desc.
   This is what people see when they examine an item. Some rules:
   a. Use full sentences.
   b. Be descriptive.
   c. Do not try to format your descriptions in the editor. When 
      using the editor put your entire description on line one. The 
      editor will properly format it for you.

5. Gems. If you have gems in the descriptions, you must use the ADD GEMS
   command on the sketch. This will require that you have gem commodities when
   you actually craft jewellery from the approved schematic.

6. Suitability
   We will only accept designs for jewellery that's feasible to make. You
   cannot make 'a diamond ring with an eyeball in the diamond', for example,
   or, 'a tiara of pure light.' One metal that may not be used to make
   jewellery is mithril.

7. Affiliated items
   Items claiming to be 'official' representations of affiliation with an
   organisation or person will be rejected. So no making 'the official brooch
   of the Sylvans' or 'Zsarachnor's toering.'

8. When copying a schematic onto a blank sketch, you must use a schematic of
   the most valuable base material in your jewellery. Available base materials
   are: Wood, Bone, Obsidian, Steel, Silver, Gold, Platinum.
   So, if you want to make 'a bone ring with gold accents' you must use 
   'a plain  gold ring' as your schematic.


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