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Though many find piercing a distasteful and barbaric practice, many others find
that piercings enhance one's personal beauty or even one's aura of menace.

In order to get pierced, you must find a Jeweller of at least Fabled skill. The
jeweller may then, assuming he has a piercing needle: PIERCE <person> <body

You cannot pierce yourself - it takes two for this!

Note that piercings are irreversible, though if you are not wearing any
jewellery in a piercing there will be no way to tell that that body part is
pierced, beyond use of the PIERCINGS command. Body parts that may be pierced

a) left/right eyebrow
b) left/right nostril
c) septum (the part of the nose between your nostrils)
d) upper/lower lip
e) tongue
f) labret (between bottom lip and chin)
g) left/right ear (up to five piercings allowed in each ear)
h) left/right nipple
i) navel

Once you have a piercing, find a piece of jewellery intended for piercings,
such as an earring, a stud, a bar, or a hoop, and WEAR <jewellery> <body part>.

You can see what's pierced, and what's IN the piercings, using the command
PIERCINGS. If a particular part is not pierced, it will not be displayed in the