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The tailor's art is that of transforming regular cloth, leather, and thread
into magnificent vestments fit for a sultan, fearsome uniforms of elite
fighting units, or modest coverings to warm old bones on frigid nights.

To become a professional tailor, you must be trained by the craft guild of
Delos. Go to the craft guild office and BUY TAILORING PERMIT. The craft guild
assesses a fee of 200 credits for the permit, which does not expire. Once a
licensed tailor, you will have basic ability in the Tailoring tradeskill. The 
more you train in this skill, the higher quality your products will be, in 
terms of durability.

Abilities Gained
At Novice:       The ability to Sew from existing patterns.
At Adept:        The ability to create new patterns.
At Transcendent: The ability to embroider clothing.

Basic Syntaxes
   - Buy your license to become a tailor.

SEW <pattern> [passcode]
   - Construct a garment from your pattern.

SEW <clothingitem> ALTER ADDWARMTH
   - Increase the warmth of a garment.
   - Costs the same materials as original pattern.

DESIGN <sketch> COPY <pattern>
   - Create a blank sketch from a pattern type.

   - At a cost of 1000gp you can hide your designs from others
     when they do NDS MATCH searches. This flag may be set on 
     the sketch or after approval with the corresponding NDS 

   - At the cost of 1000gp you can hide the crafters mark. This
     means that when the crafted item is probed it will not show
     the line saying "It bears the distinctive mark of".

   - This will allow certain clothing types to show belly 

   - This will allow certain clothing types to show items 
     such as armbands and bracelets that would normally be 
     hidden by sleeves.

   - This will allow certain clothing types to show leg items
     such as anklets and stockings.

   - Allow gloves and other appropriate items to be used as a 
     knight's falconry glove.

   - Allow certain clothing types to have hoods that can be
     raised and lowered.

DESIGN <sketch> APPEARANCE <description>
   - Sketch out the appearance description for your new design.
       Note: Max of 50 characters.

DESIGN <sketch> DROPPED <description>
   - Sketch out the dropped description for your new design.

DESIGN <sketch> EXAMINED <description>
   - Sketch out the examined description for your new design.

   - Submit your sketch for approval by the Crafting Council.
       Note: Must submit from the Tailoring office.

   - Submit your sketch for approval by the Crafting Council.
   - This costs 1000 gold.
   - Must submit from the Tailoring Office in Delos 
     (unless you possess the Crest of the Crafting Council)
   - The addition of URGENT places a design in a high priority queue and costs
     10,000 gold instead of 1000.

   - Pay for and pick up your approved pattern.
       Note: Must submit from the Tailoring office.

Detailed Syntax
To produce an item of clothing, simply purchase a clothing pattern and the
components required to make the item as indicated by the pattern (usually cloth
and/or leather plus some gold sovereigns.). Then SEW <pattern> to construct
your garment. The higher the prestige of the item, the more it will cost to

Once you achieve the level of Adept in the tailor's craft, you will gain the
coveted ability to design clothing of your own. This process is a bit more

1) Purchase a blank design sketch from the craft guild office in Delos.

2) Acquire a garment pattern of the same type as the garment you wish to
   design (hat, belt, pants, etc.), then DESIGN <sketch> COPY <pattern>.
   This will make a copy of the existing pattern on your blank sketch.

3) Customise your sketch's appearance when worn, when viewed in a room, and
   when examined closely:
   DESIGN <sketch> APPEARANCE <description>
     - This is the description you see when you type 'info inv'.
     - Examples are: 'a pair of leather trousers' and 'a plush mink blanket'.
   DESIGN <sketch> DROPPED <description>
     - This is the description people see when an item is in a room.
     - Example: A white shirt is crumpled on the floor here.
   DESIGN <sketch> EXAMINED (this will take you into the Achaean editor).
     - This is what people see when an item is examined.

   Please read the guidelines for sketches at the end of this scroll. It will
   save you a lot of time and hassle.

4) Take your design sketch to a craft guild office and DESIGN <sketch> SUBMIT
   it for evaluation. The craft guild will review your sketch and make a
   garment pattern from it.

5) When the garment pattern is finished, you will be notified by mail that
   your pattern is ready to pick up. Return to the craft guild office and
   DESIGN REQUEST <pattern>, using the pattern number specified in the letter
   from the craft guild. The craft guild charges a fee for the creation of
   the pattern based on the complexity and opulence of your design.

Finally, once you have reached Transcendent Tailoring, you will be able to
embroider clothes for other people. Simply:

EMBROIDER <clothing> <message>
    - The cost is 10 gold/letter.
    - The cost is 1000 gold flat rate.


1. Don't take liberties with the pattern.
   This means that if you are using a shirt pattern, don't make your sketch a
   vest. The main noun in the 'appearance' field of your sketch must match
   whatever the pattern is a pattern of.

2. 'Appearance' format.
   This is what people see when you look in your inventory or give an item to
   another person. Some rules:
   a. Don't make a sentence out of it.
   b. Don't make it too long or try to cram too much detail into it. That is
      what the examine description is for. More than one line is definitely out
      and even that is excessive.
   c. Don't write about any actions or reactions the item is having. Something
      like 'a cloak blowing in the wind' would not be accepted as it is not
      always going to be blowing in the wind.

   The simplest way to see if you have set an appropriate description here is
   to put it in this sentence: You give <appearance description> to Lupus.
   If your appearance description makes a proper sounding and looking sentence
   there then you're probably ok.

3. 'Dropped' format.
   This is what people see when an item is in a room and they type 'look.'
   Some rules:
   a. It must be a complete sentence, with a period on the end. No exclamation
      points, no question marks, no multiple periods.
   b. The main noun in the sentence must be the same as the pattern name so
      that people know what to call it when they want to pick it up, without
      having to type 'info here.'
   c. Keep this to one line or less.
   d. Things like "A cloak is hanging from a peg here." is not acceptable. If
      it were dropped on the highway there is no peg to hang from.

4. Format for examine desc.
   This is what people see when they examine an item. Some rules:
   a. Use full sentences.
   b. Be descriptive.
   c. Do not try to format your descriptions in the editor. When 
      using the editor put your entire description on line one. The 
      editor will properly format it for you.

5. Suitability
   We will only accept designs that are suitable for a tailor working in a
   medieval-ish environment to create. Some rules:
   a. Nothing that a tailor could not reasonably create. For instance, a
      tailor could not create a baby in a baby blanket or a suit of chainmail.
      A tailor can't weave something out of the essence of darkness or create
      something that is lighter than air.
   b. Use appropriate materials. You can't make a shirt out of living skin or
      pure gold. Achaea also does not have 'modern' materials and clothing
      functionality like velcro, denim, polyester (or any synthetic fabric),
      zippers, sweatshirts, and so on. The one exception we permit here are
      bras. Yes, they are a decidedly modern invention in the real world but
      in Achaea we are lucky to have a Creator who finds that support can
      often do wonders for a woman's bosom.

6. Affiliated items
   Items claiming to be 'official' representations of affiliation with an
   organisation or person will be rejected. So no making 'the official tunic
   of the Occultists' or 'the tunic of Tu'eras.'

7. Spelling
   Of course words must be spelt correctly. Misspellings will result in
   rejections. In all cases where the UK and US spellings vary, the UK
   spelling must be used.

P.S. Try SHOWOFF <garment> to display your fabulous clothing to the rest of the
world, you gorgeous thing you.


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