Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


7.1    Denizens            Some general info about denizens/NPCs/mobiles.
   7.1.1  Humgii              Waste not, want not.
   7.1.2  Denizen Returns
   7.2    Gold                The syntax for interacting with gold.
   7.3    Sigils              Useful, magical symbols.
   7.4    Loyalty             Read about making mobiles loyal to you.
   7.4.1  Naming              Naming your loyals.
   7.5    Doors               The syntaxes for interacting with doors.
   7.6    Locks               The syntaxes for interacting with locks.
   7.7    Keys                Keys and how to copy them.
   7.8    Buckets             A fire fighter's chief tool.
   7.9    Questitems          Read how quest items differ from normal items.
   7.10   Throwing            Learn how to throw things at or to people.
   7.11   Pocketbelts         A very useful item to store quantities of plants.
   7.12   Clothing            The variety of clothes in Achaea.
   7.12.1 Outfits             A way to wear/remove groups of clothing at once.
   7.13   Groupingitems       Some items can be 'grouped' and treated as one.
   7.14   The Rift            A personal, trans-dimensional storage place.
   7.15   Seasone             Friendly filler of vials and elixirs near Thera.
   7.16   Inks                Inks, their uses, Tattoos, Runelore, & Vinci.
   7.17   Bodypiercing        Who wouldn't want to stick holes in their skin?
   7.18   Drugs               Become a junkie if you're dumb enough.
   7.19   Heraldry            Blazons, Coats of Arms, the Family Escutcheon!
   7.20   Cosmetics           (and perfumes!)
   7.21   Light               Things that need lighting, and a bit about them.
   7.21.1 Breathing Fire      You know you want to; if only you could.
   7.23.1 FurnitureCommands   Commands to buy, and then use.
   7.23.2 FurniturePlacing    Some limited ways to place and coordinate.
   7.23.3 Beds                The ultimate in privacy.
   7.25   Relics              Unique items of great power.
   7.26   Hunting             Killing denizens for experience and gold.
   7.27   Quivers             Safely store your arrows.
   7.29   Collections         Minipet and Battle Figurine collections.
   7.30   Cognition           Expand your minipet and pet reactions!
   7.30.1 AI Ethics           A note from our CEO.
   7.30.2 Cognition FAQ       Answers to common Cognition questions.
   7.30.3 Cognition Rules     Some brief rules regarding Cognition.
   7.30.4 Cognition Personality  Setup the personality in Cognition.