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7.25 Relics

The Protean Relics are a collection of very ancient and powerful items created
by Proteus during the days of the Chaos Wars. He reportedly locked them away in
the Reliquary of Proteus, to be guarded by Kaphlos, the son of the Aldar

For millenia, the location of the Reliquary was kept a secret, until the
incursion of the Dala'myrr during the attack of Bal'met, the Worldreaver. The
rapid burrowing of the enormous Dala'myrr, magically-aided, caused tears in the
ether that were discovered first by Maklak during the Reckoning of the
Conclave, and then by Yudhishthira as he was searching for the source of
Maklak's power.

These ether tears were then discovered by adventurers initially working under
the direction of Yudhishthira, and then by the world at large. Located in
unstable Digsites, adventurers tunneled through them, enduring occasional
deadly collapses, and found their way to individual Chambers in the Reliquary
that hold the Relics.

The currently known Relics are:

A giant hammer that can smash the ground and knock everyone in it and
surrounding rooms down.

A ring that functions like an additional starburst tattoo.

The Dragon Bow
A bow that shoots exploding arrows of dragonfire.

The Mindring
A ring that lets the wearer command others.

A shield that absorbs some incoming damage, and reflects some of that damage
back on the attacker.

A small dirk that allows the user to store a bit of people's souls after which
they can be easily located.

The Golden Braid
A rope of purest gold that will see your wealth increase.

A very fast scimitar that will cause greatly enhanced bleeding damage.

A pendant that increases your luck.

The Gauntlet of the Roaring Wave
Created for Caspian, the now-dead God of the Oceans, this Relic will blast
people out of a room with the power of the seas.

The Eye of Discord
Though not literally the eye of Discord, this Relic reflects its unpredictable
spirit, and will randomly grant and remove large amounts of health and mana
from the possessor.

The War Veil
Despite appearing to be only a veil when unworn, this is one of the most unique
and valuable pieces of armour, of any kind, in existence, and may be worn by
anybody, of any class.

This spear is used to create magically-animated (not undead) husks of dead
adventurers that may be commanded by the wielder.

The Equilibrium Gem
A gem that substantially increases the rate of equilibrium recovery for the

The Rageblade
A longsword that grows faster as the wielder's health decreases.

The ruby-encrusted Diadem of Ugrach
Of Underworld fame, TOUCH DIADEM to summon Ugrach's two-tailed scorpion mount.

Relic Commands
RELICS STATUS will show you where the known Relics are.
RELIC YIELD <relic> will give up a relic that is being held.

Relic Behavior
Relics are powerful but also somewhat unpredictable. They tend to be very
difficult to hold onto for any length of time if you're going to actually use
them. Ways that a Relic might leave your possession or the spot where you left

 * If you're killed, your Relic will drop and possibly re-appear elsewhere.
 * If you're killed by an adventurer, that adventurer gets your Relics.
 * A Relic left on the ground for any length of time will cause the Relic to
   re-appear somewhere else.
 * Relics taken on ships may frequently disappear.
 * Some Relics may occasionally disappear into an inaccessible part of the
   Reliquary for a time, returning to the world eventually.

It's also important to note that Relics -cannot- be given away. The only way to
lose a Relic is via one of the above methods. You can't give them away, throw
them away, drop them, etc. If you absolutely do not want the item, you may use
RELIC YIELD to send it back to the Reliquary.

Relics and PK
Without exception, those holding a Relic or who were holding a Relic when first attacked, puts them at risk of being attacked by anyone, for any reason - or no reason at all.

Relic holders who are attacked/killed may retaliate for this, but may not hire.