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15.4 Player killing (PK or PvP)

Because player-killing (PK) is a common aspect of Achaea, we offer the
following guidelines to facilitate an environment where players can roleplay
their characters as they wish, while keeping things fair and enjoyable for
their opponents.

The Guidelines

1. There must be a justifiable role-play reason for every attack and death.

This does not mean you can attack other players repeatedly just for being a
member of an opposing organisation. Neither can you justify your behaviour by
claiming something like "my character is a psycho killer!" A player must have
done something serious to you to warrant an attack, and they must be aware of
the conflict before you attack them.

Those of you who go around regularly attacking players because they belong to
an organisation you dislike, look at you sideways, or for any other weak
reason, will incur administrative punishment.

If a situation arises where your reason(s) for attacking someone are called
into question, you are expected to be able to explain why. If you can't
remember why you were going to attack someone, you should probably just let the
matter drop.

2. When two (non city) organisations have mutually declared hostilities, 
this is not considered sufficient justification for players of those organisations to attack one another. Please be sure to read the additional details of this in HELP ORG RELATIONS.

During a time of war between cities, the organisation members and allies will
require an RP reason to kill one another.

3. There exist a few locations in the multiverse that are so inherently
dangerous that they have earned the designation of "Treacherous Plane." Simply
being on one of these planes puts you at risk of being attacked by anyone, for
any reason - or no reason at all. Treacherous Planes are listed in HELP PLANES.

4. Being one of the Infamous is sufficient reason for any member of the
Quisalis/Ivory Mark/Dauntless or other infamous players to attack you at any 
time. See HELP INFAMY for further information.

5. A standing bounty is offered on the heads of all members of the Ivory or
Quisalis Mark. Any player can redeem this bounty; consequently, membership in
the Quisalis/Ivory Mark is sufficient reason to be attacked by any player at
any time. These attacks are not without consequence, however, and attacking a
member of the Mark is sufficient roleplay-reasoning for them to retaliate.

6. "I attacked him because he attacked me, after I attacked him, after he
attacked me!" Constantly seeking retribution in a repetitive and circular
manner for the same incident is unacceptable. Pursue a rivalry with someone if
you have an ongoing conflict (see HELP RIVALS).

7. The Oceans. In simplest terms, ships can be attacked at any time, by anyone on the seas, for any reason. Attacks on ships at sea (including plundering) do not translate onto land, this includes exacting retribution personally, or via hiring. It is not considered player versus player combat if collateral damage is taken in consequence to ship versus ship combat.

8. Being an enlisted soldier during an ongoing sanction is sufficient reason for raiders to attack you, provided you are within the city during the sanction.

9. Mining: If your mines are being attacked by another player's legions, this does not open them to attack by you as the conflict involved is contained specifically to the legion system.

10. Elemental Planes: The Elemental Planes are not FREE or OPEN PK, but within your elemental faction's plane you have sufficient roleplay reason to attack others that you know are allied elsewhere, or otherwise defend your home-plane's territory and denizens. This reason does not persist outside of these regions.

11. Forest Enemies: Enemies of the forest are not OPEN PK while in the forest, EXCEPT when forest defences are active following exterminations.

12. Characters marked as a "thief" on HONOURS will be considered OPEN PK to the
game at large. This means that anyone can attack a marked "thief", and the 
thief can seek retaliation for these attacks. The thief cannot hire a mark
for these attacks and must handle their retaliation themselves.

What if someone has just killed me?

You should always strive to deal with conflict in an appropriate in-character
manner. This may be simply killing him yourself in vengeance, contracting a
member of the Quisalis Mark to assassinate him (see HELP CONTRACTS), pursuing
political avenues of revenge, and many other creative solutions.

In most cases, you probably know why someone attacked and/or killed you. But
when in doubt, ask.

Retribution (i.e. enacting vengeance yourself or with the aid of a
Quisalis/Ivory Mark) must be taken within a reasonable time frame. If a number
of Achaean months have passed since an incident occurred, with no further
indication that there is an ongoing conflict, it is likely that you have missed
the window for taking action. E.g. You can't kill someone just for insulting
your mother two years ago.

If players are repeatedly attacking others with no justification whatsoever,
this is the point at which the administration should be involved. Carefully
review HELP ISSUES and then submit an issue according to the procedure
described therein.