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7.1.2 Denizen Return - When Will the Dead Come Back?

(See also: HELP CORPSES)

We often hear the question "when will the pixie queen return?" or "where is the
imp lord? He's not in his throne room!" and others like it. Here's the answer!

Denizens are often killed by other adventurers. Then they take time returning
from the dead, much like adventurers do. They make their own arrangements,
embracing death, and Ugrach grants them a return to life in most cases.

How long does this take? As long as it takes! It varies quite a bit, and is
really up to you to discover.

It might take a portion of an Achaean day. It might take longer. Wait and see.

Is it Rude to Kill Like That?
Many complain that it is rude or thoughtless (or some other condemnatory term)
to kill the Imp Lord, the Pixie Queen, Scylina, or other denizens that are
actively involved in paying adventurers for services.

We both agree, and disagree.

Poor Denizens Dying!
On the one hand, it is rude to go around killing others, don't you think? You'd
probably be unhappy if someone were to kill you. So Scylina, and the Pixie
Queen, and the Imp Lord, are all probably pretty unhappy that people regularly
come in and send them to the Soulrealms.

No Infinite Entitlement
On the other hand, we disagree, in this sense: adventurers seem to be claiming
some sort of right to the presence of the Imp Lord, Pixie Queen, Scylina, or
other denizens that pay for adventurer services. Some adventurers seem to think
they are personally and irrevocably entitled to get paid for these services,
and that anybody that interrupts that is interfering with this Divine right.

We reject that thinking. Nobody is entitled to any denizen's presence, or to
some sort of infinite guarantee or right to be paid for services.

Achaea is a living realm, full of adventurers doing what they wish and living
with the consequences. That's the way it should be.

(See also: HELP CORPSES)