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7.12.2 Outfits

Outfits are a way of defining a set of clothing as an outfit that you name, and
then wearing and removing all the clothing in that set. In fact, it can be more
than just clothing - anything wearable can be assigned to your outfit. 

OUTFIT NEW <single word name>
  - Defines a new outfit.
  - You can only have five outfits at a time by default.

OUTFIT DELETE <outfit name>
  - Deletes an outfit.
  - Does not do anything to the items in the outfit, fear not!

OUTFIT ASSIGN <wearable item> TO <outfit name>
  - Assign an item to an outfit.
  - You can assign an item to multiple outfits.

OUTFIT REMOVE <wearable item> FROM <outfit name>
  - Remove an item from an outfit.

  - List your outfits.

OUTFIT LIST <outfit>
  - List the items in your outfit.

OUTFIT LIST <item #>
  - List what outfits, if any, a particular item # is in. 

WEAR OUTFIT <outfit name> [ONLY]
  - Attempt to wear all the items in your outfit.
  - If the ONLY command is appended to the end, only the items in that outfit
    will be worn. All other worn items will be removed.
  - Items will be worn in the order they were assigned (the order that appears
    in OUTFIT LIST <outfit>), removing items later in the list if necessary to
    wear earlier items.

REMOVE OUTFIT <outfit name>
  - Attempt to remove all the items in your outfit.