Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


17.1     Arena            The Arenas throughout the realms
17.1.1   Freeforall       There can be only one.
17.1.2   FreezeTag        A game of tag played in the Arena.
17.1.3   Frogbaiting      Weird game with a giant frog and a dead fly.
17.1.4   Balanceofpower   Live as a Legend. Die as a Legend.
17.1.5   Runner           Run fast: live, rise, renew!
17.1.6   Rampage          A bloodbath and a finale: who could ask for more?
17.1.7   Party Duels      Team vs team duels in the arena.
17.1.8   CVA              Champions vs. Assassins
17.1.9   Royal Guard      Defend your Regent.
17.1.10  Kinggame         King of the Hill!
17.1.11  TOTF             The Tournament of the Fang.
17.1.12  Jousting         Arena Jousting.
17.1.13  Sparon/Sparwho   Finding sparring partners.

17.2     Worldwide Games  Games Played Across the Realms
17.2.1   Foozle           A Foozling contest!
17.2.2   Bandersnatch     Hunt the Frumious Bandersnatch!
17.2.3   CTF              Capture the Flag!
17.2.4   Egghunt          A rare event involving a hunt for eggs.
17.2.5   IBOTG            Irregular Battle of the Genders Egghunt.
17.2.6   XP Events        Experience Contests for all!
17.2.7   Tumblerace       Faster than a speeding snail you race hither.
17.2.8   Riddle           The quirky riddling game.
17.2.9   Riddle History   Previous riddles.
17.2.10  Boons            What they are, how to ask for them, or not!
17.2.11  Word Scramble    The game of Word Scramble.
17.2.12  Great Hunt       A bloodthirsty game of stamina and skill.
17.2.13  Treasure Hunt    Dig up a prize with your bare hands.
17.2.14  Beardball        World domination, with stylish beards.
17.2.15  Group Riddles    Team based riddling!

17.3     Other Games      There's plenty more where those came from!
17.3.1   Quiz             A fun OOC event, generally with prizes. Inquisitor       The quiz's master of ceremonies.
17.3.2   HotBeret         An amusing, if silly, game.
17.3.3   Nai-an'tzai-an'har  The game of Istarion's nobility.
17.3.4   Chess            The noble game of King's Chess. Chessrules       The rules of King's Chess.
17.3.5   Sojourn          The Tsol'teth game of Sojourn.

17.4     Gambling         The various forms of gambling in Achaea.
17.4.1   Bookies          Become a bookie or place bets with one.
17.4.2   ForBookies       Bookie-only commands and other details.
17.4.3   Roulette         Make a fortune! Lose a fortune!
17.4.4   Lotteries        Buy lots of tickets. It's your turn to win! ForRunners       Become a lottery runner yourself! Iron Lottery     The special Iron Lottery.
17.4.5   Blackjack        All the cool people are playing it.
17.4.6   Rolldice         Craps: gambling with dice.
17.4.7   Auctions         Bid to win, or not.
17.4.8   Poker            The ultimate in high-stakes.
17.4.9   Humgii Racing    The ancient and noble sport loved by all.

17.5     Itinerant Bazaar A roaming bazaar full of exotic wares.

17.7     Festivities      It's a celebration!
17.7.1   The Annex        Stock up on festive decorations and treats.
17.7.2   Logosmas         The Season of Giving. Decorations      Deck the halls with boughs of holly. Ironbeard        Ironbeard the Magnanimous.
17.7.3   Mayaween         When things go bump in the night.
17.7.4   Quinquagenary    Every 50 years since the Fall of Seleucar.
17.7.5   Championship     The legendary Championship Games. Games            The Games themselves! Worldrace        The Championship race around the world! Worldgames       The Championship Worldgames contest. Twins Tournament The Twins combat tournament!
17.7.6   Supernalis       The heavenly appearance of the aurora supernalis.