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17.2.11 Word Scramble

Word scramble is a game played most often by Ruairidh, the Herald of
Riddlery. It is a simple game where the game master gives you a scrambled up
word, and then you have to unscramble the word to score points.

I. To start
First, find the game master! Before the game begins, there will be a quick
reminder of the rules and scoring, as well as an indication of how many
rounds the game will last. There is nothing to join - all you have to do is
be there to participate!

II. Playing
A round will begin with the game master stating the round number, followed
shortly by the scrambled word. You then have ten seconds to figure out
what the word is supposed to be unscrambled. Once you have guessed the word,
send it in a TELL to the game master. It is very important that you spell
the answer correctly on your first guess, you don't get another shot! It is
also important that you do not say the answer out loud. This will usually
get you disqualified or worse. You will be notified if your answer is
correct. Otherwise you will receive silence, as the game master must sort
through all of the answers received to determine who was correct.

III. Scoring
You receive 4 points for each second remaining until time is up. For
instance, if you answer six and a half seconds after the scrambled word was
given, that leaves three and a half seconds left, giving you 14 points. If
you are the first person to provide the correct answer, you receive a 10
point bonus!

Obviously, if you are incorrect or fail to answer, you receive nothing for
the round.

At the end of the game, the total scores will be tallied, and the person
with the highest score wins! In the event of a tie, there will be a one word
playoff where the first to answer correctly wins.

IV. Restrictions
Occasionally, a word scramble will be restricted to certain people or
organisations. If this is the case, you will be informed by the game master
before the game begins as to who is allowed to play. This is usually the
case for challenges where one person or group plays against another.