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The main event during our quinquagenary celebrations, the Championship Games, gives adventurers the chance to prove themselves with tests of knowledge, and skill. Five events comprise the games: Race Around The World, a Quiz, an XP contest, and the Twins combat tournament, World Games Extravaganza.

The games have previously included: tumble races, a foozle, a quiz, a sojourn content.

At the close of the games, a single champion emerges and is declared the Champion. The Champion is gifted with the Staff of Nicator, a legendary artefact wielded by some of the most celebrated figures in history. The Champion also earns the right to the title "Lord/Lady of the Crossing," and is granted honorary stewardship over the Keep at Nicator's Crossing upon Meropis.

Previous winners of the Championship Games are:
 Year 200: Isildur		 
 Year 300: Shakti Devi	 
 Year 350: Roncli Op'Shae	 
 Year 400: Reiye Wildfang	 
 Year 450: Jaizsur Ta'sa	 
 Year 500: Rangor Corten	 
 Year 550: Penwize Baker	 
 Year 600: Sothantos de l'Evanoir
 Year 650: Jhui Ta'sa
 Year 700: Jarrod Dracrotalus
 Year 750: Tesha al Ashtad
 Year 802: Farrah Roualt