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17.1.9 Royal Guard

The arena-based game of Royal Guard is a team vs team combat game similar to
King of the Hill or Champions vs Assassins. The objective of the game is for
each team to defend their Regent, who is chosen randomly from the members of
the team at the onset of the game. Whichever team succeeds in slaying the
other team's Regent first is the winner. Whenever any team member aside from
the Regent is slain, he or she is returned to the arena with one minute of
grace to re-prepare, just as in King of the Hill or CvA. 

There are two twists to make the game more interesting. Two items are
randomly placed in the arena at the beginning of the game: a golden crown
and a golden sceptre. When the crown is worn by any player aside from a
current Regent, that player becomes the new Regent of his or her own team,
and the crown randomly moves to another location in the arena. When the
sceptre is tapped by any player, the Regency of the opposing team from that
player is randomly switched to another member of that opposing team, and the
sceptre randomly moves to another location in the arena. Crown and sceptre
both may also randomly change location without being used, so neither team
can simply hold on to either for the entire duration of the game.

Note: Whenever a new person becomes the Regent (including at the beginning
of the game), he or she will be granted grace for 30 seconds.


TAP SCEPTRE:  Randomly switch the Regent of the opposing team.
WEAR CROWN:   Become the new Regent of your own team.